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    *** Story ***

         It is three weeks since the colony, Eurasia, fell to Earth (MMX5). Zero successfully stopped the crash of the colony and saved the earth, but in the process he was destroyed. The humans on Earth live underground to escape the deadly toxins that float in the air from the attack of the Sigma Virus. The Maverick hunters and Reploids start to try and clean up the mess and toxins so that they can start over. No sooner do they start, Alia contacts X and tells him that there's a reploid that was thought to be dead that has gone Maverick. With Zero's trusty Z-Sabre in hand, X heeds her call and destroys the Maverick. Then out of nowhere appears a pinkish specter of what looks like Zero. Thus begins Mega Man X: Episode VI.

    *** Bosses ***

         Again Capcom has gotten lazy with us and decided not to translate the names correctly. These are the bosses names as they appear in the game.

    The order of bosses by weapon weakness:

       1. Commander Yammark
       2. Ground Scaravich
       3. Blaze Heatnix
       4. Blizzard Wolfang
       5. Rainy Turtloid
       6. Metal Shark Player
       7. Shield Sheldon
       8. Intinity Mijinion

    Alternat Bosses

    There are 2 ways to finish each character's level. One way will take you to the boss of that level. The other way will take you to one of three alternat bosses. No matter what stage you play, if you take the Alternate route, you'll fight Nightmare Zero. Then after you beat Zero and gain him as a playable character, you'll fight High Max (A new character that you'll meet in the first stage) every time until you beat him. Then for the rest of the game (if you take an alternate path) you'll fight Dynamo (yeah that little creep is still alive). You'll know that you're taking the alternat path of a stage when you've found a Blue Teleporter. That blue teleporter will teleport you to the alternate path.

    Nightmare Zero

    Get some practice with the Z-Sabre before you face Nightmare Zero. Most of Zero's attacks do a lot of damage so I suggest using the walls to your advantage. You can also jump over a lot of his attacks if you're hanging on the wall. Jump over his attack and trounce on him with his own Z-Sabre.

    High Max

    High Max is the hardest character in the game by far!! You need to shoot him with your X-Buster, then while he's flashing, hit him with a secondary weapon from one of the stage bosses. I suggest either the Meteor Rain, or (if you have it) the Ray Arrow weapon. You cannot hit him when he uses his 2 ring shield and charges you. Dodge that attack by Air Dashing over him. After you've dealt a lot of damage to him, he jumps into the center of the room and does this stupid killer move over and over again. This mean you need to UNLOAD on him with the secondary weapon you were using. It'll take a couple tries but eventually you'll get good at taking him out. He'll really get on your nerves though. If you're playing as Zero against him, do just the oposite. Hit him with a secondary weapon, and then nail him with the Z-Sabre while he's flashing.


    Yes that little Jag-Off, Dynamo is still alive and kicking. His weakness is the Meteor Rain, or (for Zero) the Ensuizan. If you hit him with his weakness he's really easy to defeat. When you hit him, he flashes for a second, then jumps to the other site of the screen. So all you need to do is: shoot, duck, turn around. Even if you don't have the Meteor Rain yet, he's not that hard to just fight as normal. Just keep charging up your X-Buster shots and use the walls to dodge his spinning blads. When he puts his hand in the air to do a ground slam, make sure you try to get above him because that will be the only safe spot in the room to avoid the lazer beams.


    This is the EASIEST Sigma to ever grace the X series. This battle can be made even easier if you have the Ultimate Buster part. Sigma has 2 forms. The first form is just him in a ripped-up red robe. Hit him with the Metal Anchor weapon. You'll do more damage if you nail him with a charged him shot of the Metal Anchor. After that he turns into this huge robot of the right side of the screen. He'll drop these little green skulls on you. Shoot them and you'll get power-ups (i.e. Life, weapon energy, 1-UPs!!) and it'll also keep them off of your back. When Sigma opens his mouth to shoot, nail him in the kisser with a shot of the Ground Dash weapon. Again, if you charge this weapon, it's easier to hit Sigma, and it does more damage. After a few practice tries at this match, you'll be able to finish him without using any energy tanks.

    *** Weapons & Their Effects ***

         These are the weapons you recieve from the enemies. I included the name of each weapon for X and Zero and what enemy each effects.

    BossX's Weapon recievedZero's Weapon recievedBoss effected by that weapon
    Commander YammarkYammark OptionYammark OptionGround Scaravich
    Ground ScaravichGround DashSentsuizanBlaze Heatnix
    Blaze HeatnixMagma BladeShouenzanBlizzard Wolfang
    Blizzard WolfangIce BurstHyorogaRainy Turtloid
    Rainy TurtloidMeteor RainEnsuizanMetal Shark Player
    Metal Shark PlayerMetal AnchorRakukojinShield Sheldon
    Shield SheldonGuard ShellGuard ShellInfinity Mijinion
    Infinity MijinionRay ArrowRekkohaCommander Yammark

    X's Weapons

    Yammark Option - Creates a ring of three bugs that surround you and shoot when you press the triangle button. When charged they shoot automatically.

    Ground Dash - Fires a large rock for a short distance. When charged it fires a very large rock a long distance.

    Magma Blade - When you use the Z-Sabre, X fires a blast of fire. When charged, a bunch of pheonixes fly across the screen.

    Ice Burst - Launches a block of ice that you can use as a stepping stone. When charged you'll flash. While you're flashing, perform a dash to fire icicles up and down.

    Meteor Rain - Fires a blue meteor verticly on the screen. When charged it causes a Meteor Shower.

    Metal Anchor - Shoots an anchor that bounces across the screen. When charged, metal Storm Eagles (MMX1) fall from the sky.

    Guard Shell - Creates a little barrier in front of you. When charged it creats 4 shells that site in the corners of the screen and fire when you press the triangle button.

    Ray Arrow - Fires a lazer that bounces off of walls. When charged it shoots a group of verticle lazer beams around you..

    Zero's Weapons

    Yammark Option - Works the same as X's Yammark Weapon. Press Up and triangle while on the ground to trigger.

    Sentsuizan - While in the air, press Up and Square to dash diagonally down and forward with Z-Sabre poised. Careful, this weapon can get you killed if you do it over a pit because it doesn't stop until you hit the ground.

    Shouenzan - Press Up and Triangle on the ground to slash up with a firey Z-Sabre.

    Hyoroga - Hold up and hit X. You'll be able to stick to ceilings and rain ice shots on your enemies by pressing Square while on the ceiling.

    Ensuizan - Hold Down and hit Triangle while on the ground to perform a spin attack.

    Rakukojin - Attack with a Metal Sword by pressing down and Square while in midair.

    Guard Shell - Works the same as X's Guard shell. Except no charge option.

    Rekkoha - This is Zero's Giga Attack. Press R2 to activate.

    X *** Armor Parts *** X

    Mega Man X6 also has 3 different extra armors besides X's blue armor! Check out the link below to see the locations for the capsules.

    Armor Part Locations

    *** Power Up Parts ***

    Nightmare Souls

    First of all you need to know about Nightmare Souls. The Nightmares are little reploids that have Red and Blue tenticles. They can possess un-rescued reploids (so you want to destroy them QUICKLY!!!) and turn them into mavericks. When you destroy an Nightmare, you can collect it's soul (Little blue orb that appears after you waste him). These souls determine your Hunter Rank. Depending on your Hunter rank, you'll be able to equip 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 power-up parts. The first 3 parts are easy to achieve, but it gets harder. At 5000 souls you'll be able to equip 4 parts, and at 9999 you'll be able to equip 5 parts.

    Like in X5, there are power up parts to be had in this game. The only difference is that these parts are a HELL of a lot easier to get and you don't have to kill yourself a bunch of time to get them. Well I lied there is another difference in these parts. They are devided into Normal, X, Zero, and Limited parts. Normal Parts can be used by X or Zero. X Parts can only be used by X, and Zero parts can only be used by Zero. Limited parts can be equipped by either character, but only one can be equipped and that part can only be used once per stage (You can also only use Limited parts when you have 3 or more part slots. You'll notice in each level there are 15 Reploids to rescue. 5 of these reploids in each level hold little goodies for you. Life +, Energy +, and power up parts. Below I have listed the of the Reploids that have special items, and which level they are from.

    Amason Area(1) MAH 01404 - Life Up
    (3) Satton - Energy Up
    (5) ISO - Life Recover (Limited) - Fully restores your life once
    (10) Goken - Super Recover (Normal) - Increases effectiveness of Life refill capsules
    (15) Kuborina - Rapid S. (X) - Shoot five shots in a burst instead of 3
    Central Museum(5) PL 98 - Life Up
    (7) Tsuki - Speedster (Normal) - Overall speed is doubled
    (9) Bad - Quick Charge (X) - Charge X-Buster 2x faster
    (13) Home - Energy Up
    (16) Mars - Overdrive (Limited) - X only shoots charged blasts. Zero only slashs with 5 shot bursts
    Magma River(2) Chibon - Buster + (Normal) - Increases power of X-Buster and Z-Sabre
    (10) Hatori - Life Up
    (13) Higurai - Energy Up
    (14) Hal - Power Drive (Limited) - Increases power of secondary weapons
    (15) Keiji - Ultimate Buster (X) - X only fires charged shots
    Northpole Area(3) Ryu - Shot Eraser (Zero) - Zero can Erase approaching enemy shots
    (5) Ken - Energy Up
    (6) Nina - Weapon Drive (Limited) - Don't use secondary weapon energy
    (11) Chun - Life Up
    (14) Dante - Jumper (Normal) - Increases height of jump
    Inami Temple(7) Moa - Energy Up
    (10) Etsu - Life Up
    (12) Yui - Weapon Recover (Limited) - Fully restore weapon energy
    (14) Nori - Hyper Dash (Normal) - Doubles speed of Dash
    (15) Rena - Sabre + (Zero) - Increases strength of Z-Sabre
    Recycle Center(6) Wright - Energy Up
    (11) Toshi - Shock Buffer (Normal) - Halfs damage taken
    (12) Inaria - Hyper Drive (Limited) - Defenses increased
    (14) Kikuturk - Life Up
    (15) Dajango - Sabre Extend (Zero) - Extends reach of Z-Sabre
    Laser Institute(1) Kazu - Life Up
    (7) Dai - Energy Up
    (11) Taiji - Energy Saver (Normal) - Weapon energy consumption cut in half
    (14) Kenz - D-Barrier (Normal) - 2x invulnerability time after being hit
    (15) SO 1 - Weapon + (X) - Increases attack power of X's weapons
    Weapon Center(4) Paralla - D-Converter (Limited) - When hit, damage is taken from weapon energy
    (7) Tekk - Speed Shot (Normal) - Shoot faster
    (10) Gital - Life Up
    (11) Metal - Master Sabre (Zero) - Increases attack power of Zero's Z-Sabre
    (13) Grantsu - Energy Up

    *** Heart Pieces ***

    Click on the link below to get every heart piece location

    Heart Pieces

    *** Sub Tanks ***

    2 Sub tanks, 1 Weapon tank, and the ExTank. Click Below to see them.

    Sub Tanks

    *** Nightmare System ***

    When you play certain stages and finish or leave them, they produce different effects in other stages. You've probably noticed that when you finish a stage and go to the stage select screen, there are some stages marked in Red. These are the stages that are effect by you playing that level. Thus there will be weird things going on in that level. Below is a list of what each stage's effect is and what stage that is effected by it.

    Stage Played and Effect it hasStages Effected by that stage
    Amazon Area - Little BugsLaser Institute
    Magma River
    Central Museum - Red BlocksRecycle Center
    Laser Institute
    Magma River - Raining MagmaNorthpole Area
    Weapon Center
    Northpole Area - Icy FloorsRecycle Center
    Inami Temple - RainAmazon Area
    Central Museum
    Recycle Center - Metal BlocksWeapon Center
    Magma River
    Central Museum
    Laser Institute - Soul BodiesInami Temple
    Northpole Area
    Weapon Center - Spot LightsAmazon Area
    Inami Temple

    *** Secrets ***

    The Ultimate Armors

    The good 'ol Ultimate Armors are back again for more. This time you can only achieve them through codes. After you finish the game Capcom gives you the codes at the end of the credits. But for those of you code cleptos, I've put them below to make the game easier. Again, X comes with the Nova strike that you can use infinitly.

    On the game start screen, highlight the "Game Start" option and press:

    For X -> Left three times and Right once.
    For Zero -> L1 three times and R2 once.

    After you enter a code, you'll hear a tone. YOU CANNOT GET BOTH ARMORS LIKE IN X5.

    Lots 'o Souls

    When you fight Dynamo it is possible to leech 600 Nightmare Souls out of him!! When fighting him, hit him with either the Meteor Rain or the Ensuizan. While he's flashing, hit him with your Z-Sabre or X-Buster and he'll drop a green Nightmare Soul worth 200!!! You can only do this 3 time per encounter with him, but it works every time. It's a good way to bring your rank up quickly.

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