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The table below gives the location of every heart piece in the game. I provided pictures of the locations so you have an idea of what you're looking for.

Play through the Amazon Area stage until you come to this area. Jump down the hole to find 2 Reploids and a heart.
The Central Museum stages sub stages are completely random. There are eight areas in this stage, but you'll only see 4 of them everytime you play. You'll have to play until you get the area that holds the heart.
After the second miniboss in the Magma River stage, climb the shaft and use the Blade Armor to Dash up through the hole in the middle the ceiling. The heart is right under the first Reploid you see.
First got to the Magma River stage to trigger the Raining Magma. Then go to the Northpole Area stage. After you get through all of the falling ice bolders, you'll find a slope that goes down and to the right. Follow it down and through the wall that the Raining Magma opened. You'll see 2 reploids inside a little closed in area. Use the Blade Armor to Up-Dash up and get the heart under the one on the right.
In the Recycle Center you'll see this heart as plain as day next to a Reploid. Jump down and grab it, but be sure to duck when the compressor comes down on you.
Take the lower route in the Lazer Institute stage until you come to a spiked floor (after the armor capsule). You can wait until you get the Shadow Armor to retrieve it, or you can just waste the life and get it right now!! I say waste the lousy life.
Play the Weapon Center until you destroy the big robot in the background and the blue teleporter appears. Jump in the teleporter. Go the left when the next area startes and the heart will be sitting right behind the armor capsule.
This heart is a little easier to get than the armor capsule that is in this stage. Use the Shadow armor to walk across the spikes and retrieve this heart. It is in the area where all the ledges branch off to the left and right. This ledge is the first one up from the bottom on the left.

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