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Armor Parts

Mega Man X6 also has 3 unique armor sets. Each giving Mega Man certain abilities. You'll have to decide which armor is the best for your situation. All of the armors in this game will be allowed to use the Z-Sabre. Hell yes!!

Falcon Armor

This is the Armor set from Mega Man X5. It is given to you at the begining of the game (regardless if use the ultimate armor or not). It has a strong but small X-Buster blast. You can air dash with this armor and use and charged weapons. This armor also has a new powerful Giga Attack (press R2). It basically attacks everything on the screen, much like in MMX2. The really bad part is that this armor no longer flies like it did in X5. You only get an air dash now. Booooo.

Blade Armor

This is the featured armor of the game. With this armor you can perform the Mach Dash technique. When you go to air dash, hold the dash button in midair and X will stay suspended. Hold in the direction you want to dash and release the button. This armor is also allowed to use and charged weapons and the Z-Sabre is a little stronger. For the Giga Attack for this armor, X uses the Z-Sabre to launch cresent beams across the screen. It only works on the ground though. The bad thing about this armor is that the X-Buster blast is not as strong as the Falcon's.

This is a fairly easy part to get. Take the lower route in the Lazer Institute. Go until you drop down and see this wall on your left. As you can see in the picture, it is a false wall. Jump to the invisible plateform to the left of the false wall, and then jump again to the capsule.
This capsule is right at the beginning of the Amazon Area. When you start the level, go to the right and got down into the hole there. At the bottom and to the right (behind the mantis-bot). You'll see the capsule standing next to an injured Reploid.
This one is a pain to get. All of the little sub areas in the Central Museum stage appear at randowm. There are eight little areas to appear and you'll only see four when you play through. So you'll have to play it until this area appears. It's in the same area every time, but whether or not you see the area right away is up to fate.
This is another easy one. In the Weapon Center stage, after you destroy the large robot at the beginning, jump into the Blue teleporter that is left after the explosion. As soon as this area starts, walk to the left and capsule will be right there.

Shadow Armor

The Shadow is the coolest looking armor in the game 'cause X looks like a Ninja. His X-Buster fires very fast and in a random pattern like the Ray Splasher weapon from MMX3. His Z-Sabre is much stronger and his charged X-Buster shot is a really powerful Z-Sabre slash. He can stick to walls without sliding and he can walk on spikes. His Giga Attack is 2 short range beam cresents circle him for a short time. The really bad thing about this armor is that it can't use secondary weapons in anyway. He cannot perform the air dash either. This is also the hardest armor to get that I've ever seen. Sadly, you'll NEED this armor on the first Sigma stage.

This one WILL tick you off to no end!! If you want to make this easy, you need to have the Hyper Dash part and the D-Barrier part. All the way at the end of the Inami Temple stage (where there are the sections that branch off) take the upper most right ledge. There you'll see a tunnel lined with spikes that you need to cross to get the capsule. Make one of the bombing bats follow you over the entrance of the tunnel and let him hit you with a bomb. As soon as you get hit, Dash your heart out across the spikes. You should have enough time to get across. If you don't have the D-Barrier and Hyper Dash, You'll have to use the Blade Armor and time your air dash so that you miss the spikes.
Play the Magma River stage first (to make the magma rain appear) then go into the Northpole Area stage. after you get past all of the falling ice bolders, you'll see a hill sloping down to the right. At the bottom of that hill, you'll notice a ledge that is out of normal jumping range. Use the Blade Armor to Up-Dash to the ledge and retrieve the capsule.
In the Recycle Center stage, at the end of the second compressor, instead of going down the ladder, go left. You'll have to get past a really long ledge where if you wait too long you'll get crushed. Dash across and go down the next ladder. You'll come to a big pit. Now to get across the pit you NEED to have the Speedster part AND the Hyper Dash part. That's the only way I can figure out how to do it other than using's Zero's double jump. Air Dash across the pit to get the capsule.
After the second miniboss in the Magma River stage, climb up the shaft to the very top. Use the Blade armor to Up-Dash through the space and climb up the ledges to the capsule.

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