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Sub Sub Tanks Sub

The table below gives the locations the two Sub Tanks, the Weapon Tank, and the Life Tank in the game. I provided pictures of the locations so you have an idea of what you're looking for.

SubClose to the beginning of the Amazon Area stage, the Sub Tank sits on a ledge in a large room. It is in the room right after you encounter the first Nightmare bot of the stage. Jump on the right hand wall of this room (using the little platform bot). Then use the Blade Armor to air dash to the left side ledge.
SubTake the alternative route in the Magma River stage. The Sub Tank will be right on your way. To ge the alternate route. Play the Magma River stage until you beat the second miniboss. Go up the shaft and use the Blade armor to Up-Dash through the hole in the middle of the ceiling. Then follow the path until you reach the blue teleporter.
SubGo to the Magma River stage first to trigger the Magma Rain, then go to the Northpole area. After all of the falling ice bolders, you'll come to a slope that goes down and to the right. Go down this slope and through the wall that was destroyed by the magma. Use the Shadow Armor to walk on the spikes in the lower right section of this area and pick up the Extra Lives Tank.
SubTake the alternate path in the Lazer Institute (i.e. the lower path). You'll see the Weapon Tank sitting on the spikes. Drop down and Air-Dash across the surface of the spikes to grab the Weapon Tank.

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