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Zero X

Story    |     Bosses    |     Weapons    |     Armor    |     Building Parts    |     Heart Piece    |     Sub Tanks    |     Secrets

    *** Story ***

         It's been many years after Sigma's last appearance, and things have been going relatively peacefully for the Maverick Hunters. Aside from the occational Maverick out-break, things are going good. Needless to say, Sigma decides to crash in on the party. X and Zero are rushed into action to stop him as quickly as possible.

         X and Zero manage to stop the maniac, but in the process they release the deadly Sigma Virus on the earth (completing Sigma's new plain). The Sigma Virus is the program that causes the Reploids to go Maverick. Also, the space station, Eurasia, has sustained severe damage from the battle with Sigma and his on a collision course with earth. X and Zero have 16 hours to stop the station. Get to work!

    *** Bosses ***

         For some reason beyond the logical, Capcom has chosen to name the bosses of the game differently in the instruction menu. I have no idea why they did this, but I have provided both names for every character. There isn't really a set order in Mega Man X5. The enemies are easy enough that if you're a candid Mega Man X player you could easily defeat them all with the X-Buster, but here's the enemies by weakness anyway.

    The order of bosses by weapon weakness:

       1. Crescent Grizzly (Grizzly Slash)
       2. Tidal Makkoeen (Duff McWhalen)
       3. Volt Krakken (Squid Adler)
       4. Shinning Hotarunicus (Izzy Glow)
       5. Dark Necrobat (Dark Dizzy)
       6. Spiral Pegacion (The Skiver)
       7. Burn Dinorex (Mattrex)
       8. Spike Rosered (Axle The Red)


    Dynamo really doesn't have a set pattern, but he's pretty easy to beat with Zero or Force Armor X. The only thing you have to watch out for is in the second time you face him. He makes a little blue ball of electricity in his hand and throws it. Pillars of electricity then shoot up out of the ground. The first time they shoot they are evenly spaced across the screen (You can easily step between these). The second blast is a concentrated one on the opposite site of Dynamo (Get to his side FAST!!). Then the third is on Dynamo himself (Get away from him FAST!). All of the pillars attack in succession. Just pay attention to them and you shouldn't have any problems.


    There's not much I can say about his first form other than practice!! You should take either the Falcon armor (because it can fly and be immune to a lot of Sigma's attacks) or the Ultimate Armor (because of it's Giga Attack) into battle. Unload on him with X-Buster shots (the Ultimate Buster Part helps out really well) or quick Z-Sabre slashes until he looses it. After that he becomes this large body with floating hands. Get in the upper left corner and unload charged X-Buster shots (again, you should have that Ultimate Buster ready to go). You need to hit the little purple stone in his head. The hands don't do much damage. I would suggest ignoring as much other crap as you can and just focus on getting as many shots off to the stone as you can. This batter isn't all that hard.

    *** Weapons & Their Effects ***

         These are the weapons you recieve from the enemies. I included the name of each weapon and what enemy each effects.

    BossX's Weapon recievedZero's Weapon recievedBoss effected by that weapon
    Crescent GrizzlyCrescent ShotCrescent SwordTidal Makkoeen
    Tidal MakkoeenGoo ShaverFrost SplasherVolt Kraken
    Volt KrakenTri-ThunderElectric BladeShinning Hotarunicus
    Shinning HotarunicusFirefly LazerC-FlasherDark Necrobat
    Dark NecrobatDark HoldDark HoldSpiral Pagacion
    Spiral PagacionWing SpiralW-ShredderBurn Dinorex
    Burn DinorexGround FireQuake BlazerSpike Redrose
    Spike RoseredSpike BallTwin DreamCrescent Grizzly

    X's Weapons

    Crescent Shot - Fire small red blasts in random directions.

    Goo Shaver - Fires a piece of ice that slides along the ground. When charged it fires large ice blocks to the left and right.

    Tri-Thunder - Fires electricity that branches off into three blasts. It causes random lightning strikes when charged.

    Firefly Lazer - Shots a firefly bomb that you can guide with the directional buttons. When it is charged it creates a constant beam of light for a short time.

    Dark Hold - Just like the time stopper from Mega Man 2, causes all enemies to freeze in their tracks. Same effect when charged.

    Wing Spiral - Fires a tornado that goes up and forward. Bigger tornado when charged.

    Ground Fire - Fires a little ball of flames that shoots in all directions. Fires a wall of flames when charged

    Spike Ball - Shoots out a spiked ball that hovers in front of X for a short time. When it is charged, the ball bounces around the screen for a short time.

    Zero's Weapons

    Just like in X4, all of Zero's weapons are used through button combinations rather than equipping. There are more traditional weapons in X5, though. There are a few more weapons that use energy meters.

    Crescent Sword - This allows Zero to perform the double jump move and the spinning sabre attack.

    Frost Splasher - When Zero performs the Air-Dash he becomes surrounded by an ice sheild.

    Electric Blade - Zero jumps into the air and attacks with a beam of electricity. Hold up and press square to use.

    C-Flasher - This is the same move as the Giga Attack in X4. You must first equip this weapon to use it. Press triangle when equipped

    Dark Hold - This weapon stops all enemies in their tracks (Highly useful in the Sigma Stages!). Equip and then press triangle to fire.

    W-Shredder - While dashing, press square and a ghost of Zero will jump out and attack for him.

    Quake Blazer - Press down and square will in the air to attack with a fire sabre.

    Twin Dream - Equip and then hit triangle. A hollowgram of Zero will appear and mimic all of your actions. Really nice when you're in a seige.

    X *** Armor Parts *** X

    Mega Man X5 has 3 different extra armors besides X's blue armor! Check out the link below to see the locations for the capsules.

    Armor Part Locations

    *** Power Up Parts ***

    Many people after they beat the game come to the question, "Where the HELL are the Power Up Parts that the instruction manual raved about???" Well here they are. Took me a while to figure out how to get them, but I got it all squared away now.

    First you need to pay attention to the "hours till colision" timer. An "hour" in the game is measured as beating a stage, or dying in a stage and going to stage select. The more hours that go by determines the strength of the next boss you will encounter (I know, this is a little strange). You'll notice when you fight an end boss, he has a level at the base of his life bar. When you beat an end boss, you can get 1 of 3 different choices:


    Weapons and Life/Energy

    Weapons, Life/Energy, and Part

    You only pick up the power up part when you see a "+" after the choices (Weapons & Life + or Weapons & Energy +). Depending on whether you choose Life or Energy decides which part you get from that particular boss. Ok now here's the big question: "How do you get the + at the end of the choices?" Like I said before, the more "hours" that have gone by, the stronger the boss will be, and the stronger the boss is, the more stuff he'll give you for defeating him. You need to drain your hours down to 9 hours remaining before bosses will start leaving you Power Up Parts. I like to go into Crescent Grizzly's level, die and continue until I'm down to 9 hours. Then I just proceed through the game as normal. This lets me get a Power Up Part from each enemy. There are 16 parts, but you can only get 8 per game. Here are the parts you can get.

    BossChoose LifeChoose Energy
    Crescent GrizzlyShock Buffer - Reduces damage taken.Hyper Dash - Dash quicker.
    Tidal MakkoeenSuper Recover - Get more life from life refill capsules.W-Energy Saver - Weapons consume less energy.
    Volt KrakkenQuick Charge(X only) - X charges up faster.Z-Sabre Extend(Zero only) - Gives Zero's Z-Sabre and extra little blade.
    Shinning HotarunicusBurst Shot(X only) - X can shoot 5 shots on the screen when normally he can only shoot 3.Shot Eraser(Zero only) - Zero is able to use his Z-Sabre to destroy certain blasts from enemies.
    Dark NecrobatAnti-Virus Guard - Decreases the effect of the Sigma Virus.Virus Buster - Allows you to destroy Viruses.
    Spiral PegacionJumper - Allows you to jump higher/further.Speedster - Character runs faster.
    Burn DinorexSpeed Shot - Causes character to shoot faster.Buster Plus - Stronger attack.
    Spike RoseredUltimate Buster(X only) - X fires charged shots all the time. NO CHARGE TIME!!!Z-Sabre Plus(Zero only) - Zero's Z-Sabre does more damage.

    Problems with Parts

    Another problem you may come across is, "How do I keep Zero from going Maverick with only 9 hours to kill the enemies and get the parts for the Enigma and the Space Shuttle?" Here's the thing... Whether or not the Enigma or the Space Shuttle is successful is entirely random. The parts you get from the bosses for them only increase the chances of success. So it is possible to destroy the falling space colony with ONLY the Enigma, or a fully powered Enigma and a half powered Shuttle. Just finish as many bosses as you can, and if you are not able to destroy the colony after the space shuttle, just reset the game and try it again from the save point right before it.


    A fellow Mega Man X fan has brought to my attention that the level of the boss goes up quicker when you enter the stage with Zero rather than X. In 4 game hours I was able to raised Grizzly Slash up to level 7. Level 9 is where the bosses start to give you Power-Up parts. This helps in gathering all of the Enigma and Shuttle parts.

    - Tip by Dustin C.

    *** Heart Pieces ***

    Click on the link below to get every heart piece location

    Heart Pieces

    *** Sub Tanks ***

    Like in Mega Man X4 there are only 2 Sub tanks, 1 Weapon tank, and the life tank which starts you with 4 lives after a continue.

    Sub Tanks

    *** Secrets ***

    The Ultimate Armors

    It is possible to get BOTH Ultimate armors for both X and Zero. First, head to the third Sigma Stage. You'll find a capsule inside the right-hand wall down in one of the pits half-way through the level. Just walk up to that capsule and get the Armor... that simple. The only catch is that if you want X's armor, you have to get to the capsule with Regular 'ol Blue X. No powered up armor allowed!

    If you want to get the armor for BOTH X and Zero, just get the armor for one character, die, and then re-enter the level the other character... BAM! you'll have 2 new armor sets!!!


    To start the game with X's Ultimate Armor instead of the Force Armor, highlight X on the player select screen and press Up twice and Down 9 times. You'll know if you've done the code correctly if you hear a tone. Start the game.

    To start the game with Zero's Ultimate Armor instread of the Red Armor, highlight Zero on the player select screen and press Down twice and Up 9 times. Again, you'll know if you've done it correctly if you hear a tone. Start the game.

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