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Sub Sub Tanks Sub

The table below gives the locations the two Sub Tanks, the Weapon Tank, and the Life Tank in the game. I provided pictures of the locations so you have an idea of what you're looking for.

SubThe first Sub Tank is located in the Crescent Grizzly stage. It is sitting on the front of the last exploding car that you are timed to get across.
SubThe other Sub Tank is in the Dark Necrobat stage. All the way at the end of the first area of the stage, use the Falcon Armor to fly up and reach the Sub Tank.
SubThe Weapon Tank is located in the Spiral Pegacion stage. At the area where you are riding the lift downward through the floors, jump off of the lift after the second floor and go under it. Pick up the Weapon Tank sitting on the third floor between the 2 Mavericks shooting missles.
SubThe Life Tank is in the Shinning Hotarunicus stage. Close to the beginning of the stage after the first 3 spiked presses, Use the Ground Fire attack to break through the wooden ceiling. The tank is sitting up there.

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