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Armor Parts

Mega Man X5 has 3 unique armor sets. Each giving Mega Man certain abilities. You'll have to decide which armor is the best for your situation.

Force Armor (Fourth Armor)

This is the Armor set from Mega Man X4. You are given this set at the beginning of the game if you choose to play as X. If you play as Zero, X looses this armor to Sigma at the beginning of the game. This armor is able to charge weapons and hover with his foot jets. It is also a stronger Armor than the Falcon Armor below. It's a very useful item to have at the beginning of the game.

Falcon Armor

The Falson Armor is the coolest armor in the game. Instead of hovering like the Force Armor, it makes Mega Man fly invincible. The only thing that can hurt him when he's flying is lazer blasts. He also fires the strongest X-Buster, the only draw back is that the blast is very small and is hard to aim with. The Falcon Armor also prevents X from charging weapons and is relatively weaker in defense. Kind of a drag, but you'll like this one the best.

At the end of the Crescent Grizzly stage there's a wall that you climb up to a little cave that houses the Force Armor Leg part.
After the you fight the tail of the U-555 in Tidal Makkoeen's stage, the water will drain and you'll have to make your way through a wreaked ship. Make your way through the ship and you will see (Clear as Day!!) the Falcon Armor Body part. You need to defeat Tidal Makkoeen and use the Goo Shaver to detonate the bomb and blow open the wooden wall.
This is a tough one to get. You must collect all of the blue orbs at the beginning Volt Kraken stage. It's tough to even get through this part of the stage let alone collect things in it, but with practice it will be easy.
In the area of Shinning Hotarunicus's stage where the giant guns fire large red orbs there is a wall you can climb that takes you up to one of these guns. Use the Crescent Shot to destroy it and get the Falcon Armor X-Buster part.

Gaea Armor

The Gaea Armor is the 3rd armor in the game. It has it's advantages for achieving items, but isn't a very good combat armor. The Gaea Armor is slow and it's X-Buster range is very small and weak. It cannot equip weapons either which makes it pretty crappy. However, it allows X to walk on spikes without being damaged (a plus!), and it also has the fastest charging X-Buster in the game.

The Helmet is way at the end of Dark Necrobat's stage. Drop down into the pit right before the boss door. You then must navigate the Firefly Lazer around the little maze and blow up the wall infront of you. This is another one that will tick you off plenty of times.
When you get to the area of Spiral Pegacion's stage where you ride the lift diagonally up to the right, use the Falcon Armor to fly up to the left of the area. The capsule is sitting on a ledge close to the top.
At the end of the Burn Dinorex stage use the Falcon Armor to fly over the lava and reach the capsule.
When you get to the part of the level where you must ride along the vines, about 2/3 of the way through, fly up into the ceiling to the Leg capsule.

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