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heart Heart Pieces heart

The table below gives the location of every heart piece in the game. I provided pictures of the locations so you have an idea of what you're looking for.

In the Dark Necrobat stage where the anti-gravity systems are, you'll see the Heart in perfect reach depending on which way you have the gravity pulling. If you have it the right way, it will be sitting safely on the ledge, if you don't have it right, it will be sitting on the spikes.
In the fire chamber of the Burn Dinorex stage, go all the way to the left (Yes towards the fire) and go down the hole in the ground. You may loose a life doing this, but it won't be in vain.
Use the Gaea Armor to walk on the spikes that are on the top of the giant green car in the Crescent Grizzly stage. You have to wall kick up the shaft in the center of the car to get on top.
After you fight the U-555 in the Tidal Makkoeen stage, Use the Gaea Armor to wall kic up the spiked shaft at the right side of the sunken ship area.
At the beginning of the Spike Rosered stage, Use the Gaea Armor blaster to break throught the black "V" blocks to the right. You will eventually see the Heart sitting on a ledge. You then must push the "V" blocks by dashing into them. Push them close to the edge so you can reach the Heart.
Right before the the boss in the Volt Kraken stage there will be a switch door in the ceiling on the left side of the room. Shoot the switch to open the door, and then use the Gaea Armor to blast the "V" blocks. Open the next switch door to get the Heart.
Right at the Beginning of the Shining Hotarunius stage, drop down into the pit at the beginning with the Gaea Armor to get the Heart.
On the last elevator of the Spiral Pegacion stage, Get off at the second stop and pick up the Heart to the right.

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