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Zero X

Story    |     Bosses    |     Weapons    |     Armor    |     Heart Piece    |     Sub Tanks    |     Zero    |     Secrets

    *** Story ***

         Much later after the fall of Dr. Doppler and Sigma, a large civilization of reploids has developed. This mass of reploids is called the Repliforce. The Repliforce is a peace group of Reploids that see themselves as citizens of the world and do not take kindly to Mavericks. This makes things good for X and Zero, that is, until the Repliforce starts to have problems. Sigma organizes an attack to frame the Repliforce into being accused as Mavericks. In protest to the human accusations, the Repliforce begins a coop against the humans. X and Zero are then sent into action to try to reason with the general and the colonial of the Repliforce and get them to stop the coop. Needless to say, the colonial and the general don't want to hear it. They continue the coop... causing X and Zero to fight again.

         The whole time this is happening Zero is suffering from dreams about his origin. In the dreams he sees a man with a mustache and frizzy hair. The man also talks with a German accent (Any Mega Man fan will know how this person is Wily, but for the sake of the story, we don't know). Zero isn't sure who this man is, but as he fights Sigma he hopes to learn more about his past and his purpose.

    *** Bosses ***

         There's only one distinct way to go through this game, and that is by enemy weakness. The items are achieved nicely in this game so there's no need to switch up the order to obtain certain items at certain times. Just Follow the order below and you should be fine.

    The order of bosses by weapon weakness:

       1. Web Spider
       2. Split Mushroom
       3. Cyber Peacock
       4. Storm Owl
       5. Magma Dragoon
       6. Frost Walrus
       7. Jet Stingray
       8. Slash Beast


    Sigma comes in three forms in this game. The first form is the Reaper. Just use the Rising Fire weapon or the Ryuenjin to hit him over your head. Be careful though... every three times you hit him with the fire, he flies across the screen with his scythe. If you do it right, you won't loose any life during this battle. After that Sigma comes out of the cloak. He'll jump around the screen with throw his scythe at you. Dodge it and keep nailing him with charged X-Buster shots. He'll also throw his scythe into either the ground or the wall... where ever you lead it to when he throws it... try to make him throw it in the ground... it'll be easier to hit him with charged X-Buster shots. After you defeat that version, you'll go under that room and fight him as a really big mech with a really big gun. He'll also appear as a really big head. Use the X-Buster on both version of him, you'll have to defeat both to win. Always keep your X-Buster charged because you'll have to contend with Red, Yellow, and Blue heads. It helps to have the Ultimate Armor for this fight. It takes some practice to learn all of the patterns, but eventually you'll get it. Just remember to shoot him in the head with as many charged shots as you can. Don't hesitate or you'll never win.

    *** Weapons & Their Effects ***

         These are the weapons you recieve from the enemies. I included the name of each weapon and what enemy each effects.

    BossX's Weapon recievedZero's Weapon recievedBoss effected by that weapon
    Web SpiderLightning WebRaijingekiSplit Mushroom
    Split MushroomSoul BodyKuuenbuCyber Peacock
    Cyber PeacockAiming LazerRakuhouhaStorm Owl
    Storm OwlDouble CycloneTenkuuhaMagma Dragoon
    Magma DragoonRising FireRyuenjinFrost Walrus
    Frost WalrusFrost TowerHyouretsuzanJet Stingray
    Jet StingrayGround HunterHienkyakuSlash Beast
    Slash BeastTwin SlasherShippuugaWeb Spider

    X's Weapons

    Lightning Web - Fires an electrified spider web that can also be used as a ledge to wall kick from. When charged the web becomes bigger.

    Soul Body - creates a holographic X that walks a few steps ahead of you and hurts enemies that touch it. When charged it makes X invincible and you control is transfered to another Mega Man clone that you can use for a short time.

    Aiming Lazer - The Aiming Lazer has a semi-circle crosshair that can be moved by pressing up and down. When charges the Lazer can be swung vertically like a sword.

    Double Cyclone - Shoots two green energy balls, one in each direction. When charged, it fires a spiral of green energy balls in both directions.

    Rising Fire - Shoots a vertical fireball. When charged, bigger vertical fireball.

    Frost Tower - Creates a spiked block of ice that can be used as a protective barrier. When charged large icicles fall from the sky.

    Ground Hunter - Fires a little projectile that crawls along the ground and up walls. When charged it fires in the air across the screen and will shoot vertically when you press up or down when it is fired.

    Twin Slasher - Shoots crescent shaped beams. When charged it fires a large crescent beam.

    Zero's Weapons

    All of Zero's weapons are used through button combinations rather than equipping. The only weapon that is limited by energy is the Rakuhouha (Or also considered Zero's Giga Attack). Some weapons acquired are just enhancements. Such as the Air-Dash.

    Raijingeki - Press triangle to make Zero's beam sabre turn into a blade of electricity.

    Rakuhouha - Press R2 to use Zero's giga attack. This fires energy balls in all directions.

    Kuuenbu - This allow Zero to jump twice. Once on the ground and once in the air. It also allows Zero to perform a flip attack when you press square while in the air.

    Tenkuuha - This is an enhancement for Zero's beam sabre. It changes it's color from green to purple and also does more damage.

    Ryuenjin - Press up and triangle to change Zero's beam sabre into a fire blade.

    Hyouretsuzan - While in the air, press down and triange to change Zero's sabre into an ice blade.

    Hienkyaku - This enables Zero to perform the Air-Dash.

    Shippuuga - When dashing, press triangle to make Zero do a quick power slash with his beam sabre.

    X *** Armor Parts *** X

    Armor Part Locations

    *** Heart Pieces ***

    Click on the link below to get every heart piece location

    Heart Pieces

    *** Sub Tanks ***

    Only 2 Sub tanks in Mega Man X4 and there's also a weapon subtank and a life tank. The life tank starts you with 4 lives instead of 2 when you come back after a continue. Click on the link below to get every sub tank location

    Sub Tanks

    *** Zero ***


    As you probably have already seen, you can play through the entire game as Zero or as X. X is simple because as long as you have the right weapon you'll be able to conquer the next boss. Zero takes a little more skill and finger action to use. Just because you have the correct weapon doesn't mean the boss is going to be easy. The enemy you kill just gives you a new technique that you need to use to defeat the next enemy. You must first master the move that the enemy gives you and then you can make good use of it for the next enemy.

    The Dash and Air-Dash will be important tools in Zero's survival. Since Zero is a short range fighter with his Beam Sabre, his speed is his best friend. And I also would not recomend staying on the ground while playing as Zero either. I'm not gonna lie, Playing as Zero is tough, but when you finally get good at him, you won't want to play as X anymore. You also learn more about Zero's origin and how he became to be a Maverick Hunter when you play the game as him.

    *** Secrets ***

    X Untimte Armor


    You can start off the game with a special armor that X wears called the Ultimate Armor. The Ultimate Armor allows you to perform the Giga Attack over and over again as much as you want. It's VERY useful for bosses. Here's how to get it:

    Enter This code at the Player Select screen:

    Press circle 2 time , left 6 times, then hold L1 and R2 and press start

    You will know you entered the code correctly if you see purple sections on X's body in the opening stage. Step into the first Armor capsule you see (Any one will do) and Dr. Light will give you the Full Ultimate Armor.

    Black Zero


    You can also start off with a black armor for Zero. There's really no advantage to making Zero turn black, but it does look a lot cooler. Here's how to get this one:

    Enter This code at the Player Select screen:

    Hold R1, Press right 6 times, then release R1 and Hold Circle and press start

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