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Sub Sub Tanks Sub

The table below gives the locations the two Sub Tanks, the Weapon Tank, and the Life Tank in the game. I provided pictures of the locations so you have an idea of what you're looking for.

SubOne Sub Tank is in the Cyber Peacock stage. You have to get a rank "S" on the second timed part. You get the Sub Tank on the THIRD timed part when playing as Zero. To get a rank "S" you must get to the portal at the end of the section as fast as you can.
SubThe other Sub Tank is in the second part of the Jet Stingray stage. You may have to play this part through to see where exactly the Tank is, but it's close to the end of the stage. You need to jump from another platform on the Hover-Bike and Air-Dash with it across the screen to grab the Sub Tank
SubThe Weapon Tank is in the second part of the Frost Walrus stage. You'll see it frozen in a block of ice towards the top of the screen and at the end of the ice section.
SubThe Life Tank is in the first part of the Frost Walrus stage. Follow the ice slides all the way to the right-hand wall. Climb the wall and you will see the Tank sitting on the ledge above. If you are X, use the Lightning Web to make a wall and Wall-Kick from it to the ledge above. If you are Zero, simple double jump in the air with the Kuuenbu

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