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Armor Parts


The table below gives the location of all four Armor Parts in the game. I provided pictures of the locations so you have an idea of what you're looking for. **NOTE These capsules will not be present when you play the game as Zero.

LegsThe Leg Armor enhancement is in the Web Spider stage. Right before you drop down to the area with the water falls, walk through the right hand wall to find a small room with the capsule inside.
HelmetThe Helmet Armor enhancement is in the Cyber Peacock stage. Get a Rank "S" on the third timed area of the stage. To get a Rank "S" get to the portal at the end of the area as fast as you can.
X-BusterThe X-Buster Armor enhancement is in the Storm Owl stage right before you fight the miniboss. Use the Lightning Web to create a wall to Wall-Kick from so you don't touch the spikes. Use Wall-Kick from the Lightning Web to the upper part of the spiked shaft and get one of 2 X-Buster enhancements. One X-Buster allows you to stock charged shots, and the other allows you to fire a very large shot. You can only have one.
BodyThe Body Armor enhancement is in the Magma Dragoon stage. Right at the point where you pick up the Attack Carrier, use it to jump up above the lava and reach the ledge to the upper right. Then blast the wall out with a charged shot of the Twin Slasher.

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