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The table below gives the location of every heart piece in the game. I provided pictures of the locations so you have an idea of what you're looking for.

In the second area of the Split Mushroom stage, you'll see the Heart Piece sitting above you. When the section of the level falls out jump on the top of it before it falls off the screen and use it to reach the upper ledge.
In the Cyber Peacock stage race through the first area to get a Rank S. Then you will be teleported to the heart.
In the second area of the Magma Dragoon stage, the heart is on a ledge a little bit before you get the Attack Carrier. You need the Lightning Web or Zero's Double Jump to get it.
In the second area of the Web Spider stage use the Rising Fire to burn through the trees and get the Heart Piece.
In the first area of the Frost Walrus stage, you'll come to an area where the Heart will be above you sitting in a cove protected by and ice block. The Rising Fire will remedy this situation.
In the first area of the Jet Stingray stage DO NOT jump at the third pit. Just glide over it so you take the low road and get the Heart. If you jump you'll just sail right over it.
The Heart Piece in the Slash Beast stage is sitting ontop of a red train car in the second area of the stage.
In the first area of the Storm Owl stage you must jump across a purple building quickly before the ship above destroys it. The Heart Piece is sitting on top of that building.

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