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    *** Story ***

         With Zero and X united again, they continue to fight Mavericks and restore peace to the world. A misterious doctor appears claiming that he can "cure" Reploids that have been change into Mavericks. This doctor, Doctor Doppler, keeps his "patients" in a valley where they have everything they need. Like it's own civilization. Everything thing was looking up for the Hunters when they recieved notice of strange activity coming from the valley. X and Zero rushed to the scene to find Mavericks everywhere that had not been cured. Something was up and X and Zero had an idea that the good doctor was behind it.


    *** Bosses ***

         There are 3 ways to go through the enemy order on this game. The wrong way, the right way, and my way. I'm gonna show you my way and the right way. First... the right way. You are suppose to start with Neon Tiger but the problem is that if you start with him you won't be able to pick up the majority of the power-ups in the game until you get to Tunnel Rino. But if you really want to... play the game this way. Hint: If Neon Tiger is making you very made and causing you to break too many controllers, try not charging any of your blasts that you fire at him. Just take you time and rapid fire on him and dodge his attacks. It may take some practice, but you'll find that he's not that hard to beat. A turbo controller can be your best friend for this battle.

    The order of bosses by weapon weakness:

       1. Neon Tiger
       2. Gravity Beetle
       3. Blast Hornet
       4. Blizzard Buffalo
       5. Toxic Seahorse
       6. Tunnel Rino
       7. Volt Catfish
       8. Crush Crawfish

         Ok now for my way. Almost the same order, but there's a reason for that. I prefer to fight Blizzard Buffalo first and then take on Neon Tiger. Each of these enemies holds a weapon that you need to destroy the brothers Bit and Byte. After taking down these enemies, I then proceed with the order starting with Toxic Seahorse. This is my way... So It Is Written... So Thou Shalt Play It!!!!

    My order of bosses:

       1. Blizzard Buffalo
       2. Neon Tiger
       3. Toxic Seahorse
       4. Tunnel Rino
       5. Volt Catfish
       6. Crush Crawfish
       7. Gravity Beetle
       8. Blast Hornet


    This is one of the hardest Sigma's you'll ever fight in any X game. First he's Neo Sigma. Use the Spinning Blade weapon to lay waste to him. The only bad part of this fight is that he throws his sheild around the screen from time to time. After that he moves into his Kaiser Sigma body (A.K.A holy Sh@t!!). Charge up your X-Buster and use the combine shot of both blasts from the X-Buster on him. You need to aim higher than you think you do. Your target it his head. Aim for the large fin-like objects on his shoulders. This should make the blast pass through the fins and nail him right in the head. Sigma will hover and move from one side of the small room to the other, just slide under him to avoid that. Also watch out for his large triangular lazer beam that will do a lot of damage if you're not careful. The small probs that he fires will get on your nerves but they won't do a whole lot of damage. If you have Zero's Z-Sabre, (and you're good enough to hit him with it), you'll deliver a WHOLE LOT of damage. After you defeat this body, Sigma will turn into the Wire frame head from X2, and make you race a lava flow up the wall. Just climb up as quickly as you can and you should be ok.

    *** Weapons & Their Effects ***

         These are the weapons you recieve from the enemies. I included the name of each weapon and what enemy each effects.

    Weapon recieved
    Boss effected by that weapon
    Neon Tiger
    Ray Splasher
    Gravity Beetle
    Gravity Beetle
    Gravity Well
    Blast Hornet
    Blast Hornet
    Parasitic Bomb
    Blizzard Buffalo
    Blizzard Buffalo
    Frost Shield
    Toxic Seahorse
    Toxic Seahorse
    Acid Burst
    Tunnel Rino
    Tunnel Rino
    Tornado Fang
    Volt Catfish
    Volt Catfish
    Triad Thunder
    Crush Crawfish
    Crush Crawfish
    Spinning Blade
    Neon Tiger

    Ray Splasher - Fires a rapid-fire stream of blasts across the screen. When charged it creates a small gun turret in the air the shoots in all directions

    Gravity Well - Fires a little gravity altering device the causes nearby enemies to explode. When charged the gravity is reversed and the enemies float away.

    Parasitic Bomb - Fires a mechanical projectile (pretty boring not charged). While charged four targetors are around Mega Man and they lock on to enemies and automatically fire at them (Very useful!).

    Frost Shield - Creates a spike of ice that flies across the screen. Underwater the spike gets larger and more powerful. When charged it creates a shield that sticks out of Mega Man's blaster and can be used as a melee weapon.

    Acid Burst - Shoots little balls of acid... Charged, Big balls of acid that bounce around a little before they splash.

    Tornado Fang - (Most useful weapon in the game) Fires small flying drills. When charged a drill sticks out of Mega Man's blaster and can be used to hang on walls.

    Triad Thunder - Three little electrodes cause an electric field around Mega Man. Rapidly press the Y button to make the field last longer. When charged Mega Man pounds the ground with great fury!!!

    Spinning Blade - Shoots 2 little flying blades. When charged it shoots a giant blade out like a Yo-yo and if you press up it will rotate around Mega Man.

    *** Zero ***


         As you may have noticed from the opening stage, you can play a little of the game as Zero. Zero isn't really a crucial part of the game. He's harder to control, he's bigger (making him an easy target), and he's slow. The only thing nice about him is his kick-ass beam sabre. To switch to Zero, hit L in the subscreen menu and hit start to summon him.

         Zero cannot fight any bosses, so whenever you come to a boss door, X will automatically jump back into the action. You also have to be very careful when playing as Zero because he only has ONE life! If that life goes, then that's it!! You don't get him anymore for the rest of the game. Zero is such a hassle to use, you'll probably start playing as X and forget about Zero when the novelty of him wears off.

    X *** Armor Parts *** X

    In Mega Man X3 there is not only the standard 4 Armor power-ups, but also four extra power-ups. Click on the link below to learn the locations of all the armor parts.

    Armor Part Locations

    *** Heart Pieces ***

    Click on the link below to get every heart piece location

    Heart Pieces

    *** Sub Tanks ***

    Click on the link below to get every sub tank location

    Sub Tanks

    *** Attack Carriers ***

    There are four Attack Carriers that can be found and used in the game. Mega Man carries the carriers with him until he reaches a special platform that lets him use them. Click on the link below to get the locations and descriptions of all the Attack Carriers.

    Attack Carriers

    *** Bit Byte and Vile ***

    Bit and Byte are the two robots that are sent out into the boss levels to stop you. They are like the X Hunters from X2, but you can't see what level they are going to appear in. Another Familiar enemy that approaches you is Vile from X1. He is bent on revenge and will try to lure you into his trap at all costs. Take care when fighting these enemies, they will tick you off and cause you to break numerous controllers.


    BitBit's pattern is really easy to see. He keeps jumping up in the air then he dashes at you when he's at your level. So get off of the floor! The only thing you have to watch out for is the little hoops that hold you in place and the chasing fireballs. Both are easy to dodge though. If you use the Frost Sheild on him he'll be finished. You can still beat him without the frost shield, but then you'll have to fight him again in the Doppler stages. Best to eighty-six his sorry ass now.


    ByteByte will do nothing short of TICKING YOU OFF!!! He shoots a stupid little object that pushes you away from the oposite wall of the room, preventing you from climbing. Then he rushes you and does this little painful 3 hit combo that leaves you in shambles. About three of these combos and you're done. The only way to beat him is to stay at the top of the wall before he launches the object. Then just hold against the wall until you almost touch the object, from there jump hard to the oposite side of the room and Air-Dash with the Boot enhancement. You will safely fly over Byte's head and to the other side. Quickly turn around and unload a shot of the Ray Splasher on him, then climb the wall to the top and repeat the process. The Ray Splasher will get him where is hurts and he'll say goodbye in a firey serious of explosions. If you didn't use the Ray Splasher he'll see you again in the Doppler stages.


    VileGoliathVile is pretty easy the first time you fight him, if you can find him. He waits for you in an old shutdown power plant. The only way to get to the power plant is through teleporting capsules that are placed in certain levels. The easiest capsule to find is right at the beginning of the Volt Catfish stage. You ride the first elevator you see down to the room below and there it is. Below is a list of levels that the teleport capsule is in and where it is. Vile's pattern is easy, he rushes you and tries to hit you with his Attack Carrier. He can't get off of the ground so that's where you don't want to be. The carrier can be easily destoyed with the X-Buster. Then you'll fight Vile on foot. Use the Ray Splasher on him to finish him off for good (Unless you wanna play with a stronger and more exhausting Vile in the Doppler stages).

    Capsule Locations


    Crush Crawfish - After you go through the battle room that you would fight Bit or Byte in there's a point where you will see a Energy capsule below. That capsule is a lure to the invisible opening in the floor that takes you too Vile's Teleporting Capsule.

    Blizzard Buffalo - Go through the level until you reach a ladder with a pit below it. Slide down the left hand wall to the capsule.

    Volt Catfish - Get on the First elevator platform in the level and ride it down to the capsule.

    **NOTE: These capsules will only appear if you haven't beaten Vile yet. If you beat him in Volt Catfish's stage then you won't see the capsule in either Blizzard Buffalo's or Crush Crawfish's stage.

    *** Secrets ***

    Gold Mega Man

    There is a way to get ALL of the extra armor chips in Mega Man X3. In the first Doppler stage play until you reach the area with the rolling spiked balls. Slide down the left hand wall of the first pit in that room. You will fall into a hole in the wall and there will be a pink capsule. This will give you every Chip enhancement AND turn Mega Man Gold. **NOTE: This will not work without full life and you cannot pick up any of the Chip enhancements in the levels earlier.

    Zero's Beam Sabre

    In the second Sigma level there is a miniboss bug bot that is right after the water-filled area. Switch to Zero right before you go through the door. Then use Zero to fight this boss (This is the only boss Zero can fight). When you when in the fight, Zero will be wounded and he will give X his Beam Sabre to use for the rest of the game. You will not be able to use Zero anymore, but you will have the strongest shot in the game. Charge Mega Man's X-Buster up until you turn green. Then when you fire the 3rd shot, it will be the Beam Sabre. **NOTE: You can only fight the miniboss in this stage if you defeated Vile earlier!!

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