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Attack Carriers

The table below gives the location of all four Attack Carriers in the game. I provided pictures of the locations so you have an idea of what you're looking for.

PictureDescriptionCarrier Type
FishThe Fish Carrier is located in the Gravity Beetle Stage. When you reach the area with the clouds floating by in the roof of the building you're in. Climb the metal structure to your left and you will see the fish sitting on the platform above. Use the Boot Armor enhancement to Dash upward and get to the top of the platform. The Fish had heatseeking torpedoes and works well underwater with it's motors (Tap A to use motors)Frog
HawkIn Crush Crawfish's Stage use the charged up Triad Thunder weapon on the platform at the beginning of the level. You will drop down below to find the Hawk Carrier (Coolest carrier in the game!!). The Hawk can hover(Jump and Hold in B) and fire missles. Hawk
KangarooThe Kangaroo Carrier is in the Toxic Seahorse Stage. In the large room with all of the water and the giant fans, charge the frost shield and it will create an ice tower for you to ride to the surface. Jump alone the water surface to the left until you reach the platform. Then use the Dash-Up from the Boot Armor enhancement to reach the Kangaroo. Charge the Drills on it's hands by holding the Y Button.Kangaroo
ChimeraThe Chimera is located in the hanger section of Blast Hornet's Stage. The hanger section is the area right after the wire-framed star enemy miniboss. Use the Tornado Fang to drill through the cracked walls and blow up the single crate sitting on the floor. It will open a shaft. Fall down the shaft and shoot down the Chimera from it's restraints and get into it. Chimera

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