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Sub Sub Tanks Sub

The table below gives the location of all four Sub Tanks in the game. I provided pictures of the locations so you have an idea of what you're looking for.

SubAt the beginning of the Neon Tiger Stage, make your way all the way to the right until you come to the wall. Climb to the top where you will see a Red Maverick with spiked ball guns and a dragon-fly bot flies above him. Use the dragon-fly to to reach the upper right corner where the Sub Tank is on a platform.
SubUse the Boot enhancement to get the Sub Tank in the Blizzard Buffalo stage. In the last area of the stage (Where the snow is falling) you'll see the Sub Tank on the left hand wall. Use the Dash-Up technique to reach the Sub.
SubIn Tunnel Rino's level, right before you get to the miniboss room, there's a little cove above the 2 blue Mavericks. The Sub Tank is in that cove.
SubAfter the miniboss room in the Volt Catfish Stage, climb the far right wall and go to the top of the room. Get on the platform and prepare the Kangaroo Attack Carrier. Then jump back down the shaft you came up and the Carrier will break through the floor into a secret area where you will find the Sub Tank.

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