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The table below gives the location of every heart piece in the game. I provided pictures of the locations so you have an idea of what you're looking for.

HeartIn the Neon Tiger stage, use the robotic dragon fly at the end of the stage to reach the Heart Piece above the door to Tiger's room.
HeartAfter you defeat Gravity Beetle and Blast Hornet, re-enter the Gravity Beetle stage. In the first big room with all of the green Mavericks, go to the upper left corner of the room and you will find the Heart sitting on a platform. If you try to get this before you defeat Gravity Beetle there will be a non-removeable crate in your way.
HeartIn Blast Hornet's Stage, use the Chimera that you get earlier in the level to jump up to the raised wall right before the miniboss room (The room that could have Bit or Byte in it). Climb that wall to get the Heart.
HeartAfter the first ladder you have to climb in the Blizzard Buffalo Stage, get on the Mech Platform to your left and get the Chimera Attack Carrier ready. Use it to break through the giant ice blocks to get to the Heart Piece.
HeartIn the Toxic Seahorse level, climb up the verticle section of the board that has all of the green liquid falling. At the top of that area (Before the miniboss room) follow the streams of liquid to the very top where the Heart sits.
HeartIn Tunnel Rino's level you need to have the Triad Thunder weapon and the X-Buster enhancement. Not far the beginning of the level there is a room with spikes on the floor and a boulder hanging from the ceiling. Charge up the Triad Thunder and use it to knock down the boulder. Jump on the boulder to reach the Heart.
HeartThe Heart in Volt Catfish's Stage is at the top of the elevator with the spikes on the walls of it. Stay on the elevator until it takes you to the top. Then Air-Dash over the spikes on the floor to reach the Heart.
HeartThe Heart in Crush Stage is in the giant breakaway shaft at the begining of the stage. Make sure you have the Hawk Attack Carrier. Jump down to the third broken platform where the cracked wall is. Shoot through it with the Hawk and get the Heart.

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