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Zero Vile

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    *** Story ***

         It is the year 21XX. The Scientist Dr. Cain is on a excavation dig when he comes upon an ancient containment capsule left by the scientist Dr. Light. Curious with his findings he opened the capsule to find an advanced blue robot named Mega Man X. X could make his own descisions and choices in life because of the free will that Dr. Light programmed him with. Other than his robot body, X was human. Dr. Cain proceeded to study Dr. Light's great achievement closely and eventually he had replicated X and build other robots called "Reploids".

    Dr. Cain

         The Reploids seemed to be a peaceful creation, but soon they started to become mentally unstable and were known as "Mavericks". Unable to replicate X's being perfectly, Dr. Cain had created an army of violent robots bent on extinguishing the human race. Cain them formed an agency called "Maverick Hunter" and appointed the Reploid, Sigma, the head of the agency. Sigma and the sane Reploids fought to keep the Mavericks at bay for as long as they could, but soon Sigma himself couldn't take it anymore and became a Maverick (a very powerful Maverick).

         At this point X felt that he was responsible for this whole mess and decided he had to do something. X wasn't a violent robot and really hated the idea of battle, but he knew that he had to do something to stop Sigma. X joined Maverick Hunter. On his way through a devistated highway he met up with a misterious red robot by the name of Zero. Zero help X escape the clutches of Vile (one of Sigma's followers). Together with Zero, X vowed to stop Sigma at all costs... Thus begins Mega Man X.

    Zero         Vile

    *** Bosses ***


         I feel that there are 2 ways to get through the bosses of Mega Man X. You can either get the weapons in order from each boss, or you can cut some corners and make things a little easier.

    The order of bosses by weapon weakness:

       1. Storm Eagle
       2. Flame Mammoth
       3. Chill Penguin
       4. Spark Mandrill
       5. Armored Armadillo
       6. Launch Octopus
       7. Boomer Kuwanger
       8. Sting Chameleon

         You could do the bosses that way, but that way could give you a lot more trouble because, as any Mega Man X veteran will tell you, The speed boost is a MUST! The above order is ok except for the first three bosses. Because Chill Penguin is an easy enemy I recomend fighing him first instead of Storm Eagle. That way you'll be forced to get the speed booster in the Chill Penguin level and make the platform-jumping Storm Eagle level easier. After Chill Penguin fight Storm Eagle and then Flame Mammoth. Follow the order below...

    The order of bosses by my method:

       1. Chill Penguin
       2. Storm Eagle
       3. Flame Mammoth
       4. Spark Mandrill
       5. Armored Armadillo
       6. Launch Octopus
       7. Boomer Kuwanger
       8. Sting Chameleon


Fighting Sigma is fairly simple. You'll fight that little hellhound first. Just use the X-Buster him. He has a set of moves that he does that you can easily learn to dodge, but it's easier to learn than to explain. After you kick the crap out of him, you face Sigma. Sigma will approach you with a beam sabre. Use the wall as much as possible 'cause he'll jump from wall to wall until he hits the ceiling, and then he'll come back down. Dodge his jumping, and lay into him with the Electric Spark weapon. It won't take long to finish him. Both the Dog and Sigma1 will take even less time if you become fluent with the Hyduken weapon. Sigma's second form is a bit different. His little head will float to the top of the screen where he'll have a big wolf body. Ready your rolling sheild weapon, and start to climb a wall. Use one of his floating claws as a platform and unload on his head. Blast the hell out of him until he dies. You may have some confrontations with lighting when trying to stay on his claw, but other than that, you shouldn't have much trouble.

    *** Weapons & Their Effects ***

         These are the weapons you recieve from the enemies. I included the name of each weapon and what enemy each effects.

    Weapon recieved
    Boss effected by that weapon
    Storm Eagle
    Storm Tornado
    Flame Mammoth
    Flame Mammoth
    Fire Wave
    Chill Penguin
    Chill Penguin
    Shotgun Ice
    Spark Mandrill
    Spark Mandrill
    Electric Spark
    Armored Armadillo
    Armored Armadillo
    Rolling Shield
    Launch Octopus
    Launch Octopus
    Hoaming Torpedo
    Boomer Kuwanger
    Boomer Kuwanger
    Boomerang Cutter
    Sting Chameleon
    Sting Chameleon
    Chameleon Sting
    Storm Eagle

    Storm Tornado - This weapon fires a horizontal whirl wind across the screen. When charged up it the whirl wind is horizontal and much wider.

    Fire Wave - Fires a constant short range stream of fire. When charged it creates a chasing wall of flames that projects out in front of you and travels across the screen.

    Shotgun Ice - Shoots a single ball of ice crystals across the screen. When charged it creates a small ice platform that Mega Man can "surf" on until it hits a wall.

    electric spark - Fires an electric spark across the screen and turns into 2 larger sparks when charged.

    rolling shield - Shoots a spherical spinning shield across the screen. Turns into a person shield for megaman when charged.

    Hoaming Torpedo - Heat Seeking Torpedos... When charged: Lot's of heat seeking torpedos.

    Boomerang Cutter - Fires a boomerang blade around in a cirle (should remind you of Cutman form Mega Man 2). Lauches 4 blades in all direction when charged.

    Chameleon Sting - Fires a green lazer that splits into 3. When charged Mega Man is invincible for a short time.

    X *** Armor Parts *** X

    Mega Man's armor parts are fairly easy to find if you look hard enough. Some of them take a litte bit more finger action to get to than others, but for the most part they are in plain view. Click on the link below to get descriptions and see pics of where the parts are located.

    Armor Part Locations

    *** Heart Pieces ***

    Click on the link below to get every heart piece location

    Heart Pieces

    *** Sub Tanks ***

    Click on the link below to get every sub tank location

    Sub Tanks

    *** Secrets ***

    The instructions below tell how to get the Ken and Ryu's Hyduken from Street Fighter II. With this Mega Man can fire a little blue fireball that kills any enemy in one shot. Too good to be true, huh? Well the catch is (Yup you knew it was coming) the shot only works when you have full life... damn!


         First you need to have every heart container, every sub tank, every armor part, and every boss in the game beaten up to the Sigma stages. Then you have to go into the Armored Armadillo stage and play through it 5 times, and at the end of each time you HAVE to grap the life power up at the end of the stage (right above the boss's door). On the fifth time through the level you will see an armor capsule next to the life power up. Dr. Light will give you a "special present" the Haduken fireball.

    You launch the fireball the same way you would with Ken or Ryu from street Fighter:

    Down, Down/Forward, Forward, Y

    Remember you can only launch the Hyduken with FULL LIFE!!

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