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The table below gives the location of every heart piece in the game. I provided pictures of the locations so you have an idea of what you're looking for.

HeartIn Chill Penguin's level you need to have the Flame Wave weapon from Flame Mammoth. When you get to the part with the armored carrier, jump up with it and jump out to reach the higher ground that is nearby. Then you will see little metal bunkers in the snow. Use the Flame Wave to destroy the first bunker and get the Heart Piece.
HeartTo get the Heart Piece in Flame Mammoth's level you first have to defeat Chill Penguin. After you do that, the lava in the level will freeze over allowing you to walk on it. The Heart Piece is under the platforms where the Pic-Throwers are at sitting on top of the frozen lava.
HeartThe Heart Piece in Storm Eagle's level is right above the starting position. All you have to do is get on moving platforms and ride them all the way up. When the lift hits its highest point, Dash-Jump with the Boot Armor enhancement hard towards the left. You'll land right on top of the building where the heart piece is.
HeartIn Spark Mandrill's level the heart is a little harder to get to. You need to have the Boot Armor enhancement to get it. It is in plain site but you need to Dash-Jump off of the wall (Hit A and B together) and catch the edge of the platform. This may take some practice. YES IT CAN BE DONE! don't try to tell me different because I'll just laugh at you!
HeartAfter the Half-way point of Armored Armadillo's level, you'll fall down to a part where you are behind one of those digging bots. Use the Flame Wave weapon to put him out of commission and then proceed to the part in the ceiling where the Heart Piece is. You HAVE to kill the digger or he will cut off the piece of the wall that you need to reach the Heart.
HeartAbout half-way through Launch Octopus's level you'll find a submarine sitting on the water surface. Shoot the sub's "Eye" to make it sink into the ground. Then ride the sinking ship all the way down a secret entrance. Fight off the Sea-serpant bot down there by shooting its head, and then proceed to the right where the Heart Piece lies for the taking.
HeartThere are 2 ways to get the Heart Piece in Boomer Kuwanger's level. The easiest is to get Boomer Kuwanger's Boomerang Cutter and use it to retrieve the heart. The other way is done with the Shotgun Ice weapon, but you'll have to figure that one out on your own.
HeartIn Sting Chameleon's level the heart piece is located just before you enter the cave with the falling rocks. You must have defeated Launch Octopus before you try to get this Heart. Defeating Launch Octopus causes water to flood Chameleon's level. Right before you enter the cave, Drop down into the pit that is there. Use the Helmet Armor enhancement to break through the wall to your right. Then Dash-Jump with the Boot Armor enhancement to the right and get the Heart Piece.

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