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Armor Parts


The table below gives the location of all four Armor Parts in the game. I provided pictures of the locations so you have an idea of what you're looking for.

LegsThe Leg enhancement is the easiest part to find. If you can't find it then I suggest you stop playing Mega Man X right now and go outside and play. You cannot finish Chill Penguin's level without getting. So let's move on to something more important.
HelmetThe Helmet enhancement is in Storm Eagle's level. Play the level until to reach the large tower of metal that you have to wall kick up to the top. Drop down on the right side of the tower and dash jump hard to the right with the Boot Armor enhancement. Destroy the explosives in the wall with your X-Buster and then proceed to the Capsule.
BusterThe X-Buster enhancement can be found in two places. Flame Mammoth's level or the first Sigma stage. If you miss it in Flame Mammoth's stage, it will be given to you in the first Sigma stage. To get it in the Flame Mammoth stage you have to play through the stage until you reach the area with the Pic throwers. Dash-Jump from the first platform (using the Boot Armor enhancement) hard left and use the Helmet Armor enhancement to break the blocks in the ceiling. Above you'll find the X-Buster enhancement.
BodyThe Body Armor enhancement is in the Sting Chameleon stage. Right before you enter the cave where the falling blocks are, Dash-Jump with the Boot Armor enhancement to reach the area above the cave entrance. You'll have to fight off a green Maverick before you get the capsule though. I suggest using the Storm Tornado.

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