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Story/Overview    |     Bosses    |     Weapons    |     X & Zero Armor    |     Heart Piece    |     Power-Up Parts    |     Sub Tanks    |     Secrets

    *** Story ***

         From what I can tell this game seems to take place right before X4. Iris is still alive. X and Zero have stumbled upon an island that is flowing with mavericks. They find out that the Island is being run by two mavericks by the name of Berkana and Gareth. They are called Soul Erasers. They are stealing reploid "DNA souls" and using them to make themselves more powerful. Needless to say, X and Zero must stop them with Iris' help.


         I decided to put an overview for this game because it is very strangely set up. When you first start the game you'll be given the option to play the Zero game or X game first(I started with X). When you complete one, you will them start the other. Each character has a different set of 4 mavericks to destroy. X has to fight Neon Tiger, Launch Octopus, Volt Catfish, and Flame Mammoth. While Zero has to fight Wire Sponge, Blast Hornet, Overdrive Ostrich, and Tunnel Rino. After you comlete one game, Iris tells you to save your game, and then you will be set up to play the other character's game with the weapons that you would have picked up had you been playing with the previous character. After you've finished both X and Zero's game, you can go onto Xtreme Mode. You'll fight all 8 Mavericks and you'll be able to switch between X and Zero whenever you want. The only bad thing is that whatever items you pick up go right to that character and not to the other. So if you play through the whole Xtreme mode with just X, Zero will not be able to use any weapons or hearts that X picked up. The only item that is shared between X AND Zero is the sub tanks(which there are only 2 of in this game). Like Berkana and Gareth you can also use the DNA souls to power up. These power up parts will increase your abilities, such as how much damage you deliver and recieve. The DNA souls are little capsules that the enemy drops. The capsules come in clusters of one, two, or three pieces, and can restore life or weapon energy as well.

    *** Bosses ***

         The enemies in this game are REALLY EASY!! I found a few enemy weaknesses but I rarely used them. When you start to pick up the +1 and +2 power up parts for X and Zero, the game becomes rediculously easy. Below is the order I fought the enemies in. You may notice that Neon Tiger's weapon works on both Volt Catfish AND Launch Octopus. I'm not sure why, but if it works, use it!

    The order of bosses I fought them in (I also fight them in this order on Xtreme Mode):

    X's Game
       1. Neon Tiger
       2. Launch Octopus
       3. Volt Catfish
       4. Flame Mammoth

    Zero's Game
       5. Wire Sponge
       6. Tunnel Rino
       7. Blast Hornet
       8. Overdrive Ostrich

    The order of the bosses by weakness is:

       1. Neon Tiger
       2. Volt Catfish
       3. Launch Octopus
       4. Flame Mammoth
       5. Wire Sponge
       6. Overdrive Ostrich
       7. Blast Hornet
       8. Tunnel Rino


    You can only fight Berkana as X. She is pretty easy so long as you avoid the little "A" and "B" orbs. If she hits you with one of them, it disables that button. My advice is to use the +2 power-up part, and the Ultimate Blaster power-up part. If you don't have that, the Ray Claw works very well. It'll take some practice, but not much at all. Just avoid the orbs and shoot when you have the chance.


    Gareth isn't hard at all if you watch his pattern. When he jumps up in the air, that means he's gonna thrust a spear into the ground. Dash under him and hit him in the back with your Z-Sabre. If he jumps up off the screen, then you'll see a series of spears fall down on you. Just Dash as soon as you see a spear fall. He kind of stays with these 2 patterns. Just make sure to hit him when he does the jump in the air, and you've got him.


    When you fight sigma, he'll show up in his form with the Wolverine claws from X2. Only difference from X2 is that he's really SLOW!! The only attack you really have to worry about it the Dash&Slash move that he pulls on you. Other than that, put your X-Buster on autocharge, dodge his electric orbs, and fire when you get a clear shot. This works really well when you have Damage +1 and +2 power-up parts. If you don't have these, I suggest the same strategy, but with with the Tornado Fang instead of the X-Buster.

    Sigma's second form is a little different. He'll show up in this HUGE body armor. Attack him using X when he's Yellow or Blue, but when he turns Red, switch to Zero and deal out some mean Beam Sabre. When you smash away the body armor, he'll be stunned in midair for a few seconds. That's when you nail him with the X-Buster, Z-Sabre, or Tornado Fang to do damage to his life bar. You'll have to do this 4 or 5 times to destroy him.

    *** Weapons & Their Effects ***

         These are the weapons you recieve from the enemies. I included the name of each weapon for X and Zero, and what enemy each effects.

    BossX's WeaponZero's WeaponBoss effected by that weapon
    Neon TigerRay ClawRisingVolt Catfish
    Volt CatfishTri-ThunderTri-ThunderLaunch Octopus
    Launch OctopusMarine TornadoFish FangFlame Mammoth
    Flame MammothFire WaveFire WaveWire Sponge
    Wire SpongeStrike ChainLightningOverdrive Ostrich
    Overdrive OstrichSonic SlicerDashBlast Hornet
    Blast HornetBomb BeeEarth G.Tunnel Rino
    Tunnel RinoTornado FangDrill CrushNeon Tiger

    X's Weapons

    Ray Claw - Fires a constant crescent blade that is a short range weapon. When charged it shoots a rapid fire blaster.

    Tri-Thunder - Fires a trio of electric sparks. When it is charged, X gives off a slew of sparks in all directions.

    Marine Tornado - Causes a verticle whirl-wind. When charged, it shoots 4 fish fang projectiles.

    Fire Wave - Fires a single flame that breaks into a crawling wall of fire when it hits the ground. When charged it drops fire randomly from the sky.

    Strike Chain - Shoots a grappling hook that can pull you towards objects. The chain gets bigger and longer when charged.

    Sonic Slicer - Fires a small boomerwrang device that will bounce off of walls. Drops many slicers from the sky when charged.

    Bomb Bee - Launches a homing bee that explodes on impact. When charged, three bees orbit X to protect him.

    Tornado Fang - Launches a small drill bit that travels across the screen. When charged it makes a larger bit that can be used as a short range weapon.

    Zero's Weapons

    Rising - Hold up and press B to make Zero do an "upper-cut" with his Beam Sabre.

    Fish Fang - When in the air, hold up and press B to make Zero shoot small fish projectiles.

    Tri-Thunder - Select this weapon from the start menu. Zero pounds the ground and releases electric sparks.

    Fire Wave - Hold down and press B to make Zero launch a crawling wall of fire.

    Lightning - Select this weapon from the start menu to cause random acts of lightning all of the screen.

    Earth G. - Select this weapon from the start menu to cause a screen-wide earth quake.

    Dash - Select this weapon from the start menu and Zero will travel horizontally across the screen with his Beam Sabre out.

    Drill Crush - While in the air, hold down and press B and Zero will do a down thrust move with his Beam Sabre.

    *** X And Zero Armor***

    In this game there are capsules to find for both X AND Zero. Although Zero's appearance doesn't change, it still helps a lot to find them. Check the page below to see their locations.

    X And Zero Armor Locations

    *** Heart Pieces ***

    Remember, if one character picks up a heart piece, the other CANNOT get it. Click on the link below to get every heart piece location

    Heart Pieces

    *** Sub Tanks ***

    For the first time in any X game, there are only 2 subs tanks to be had. Below are their locations

    One sub tank is found in X's levels. In the Flame Mammoth stage, find the area with the pick-throwing mavericks. climb the far left wall to find blocks that you can break with the Leg upgrade. Inside is the tank.
    In the Zero levels, check out Wire Sponge's stage. In the large open area where it is raining, climb to the top of the structure to find the other sub tank.

    *** Power-Up Parts ***

         Just like in X5, there are power-parts that you can earn to increase certain abilities for X and Zero. When you're regular 'ol Blue X, you can equip up to 4 different parts at one time, but when you pick up all for armor pieces and become "armored X" then you can only equip 2. Zero can always equip up to 3 parts at one time. The common parts can be equipped by either character, but the parts specified to each character are limited to that character. You can earn these parts by collecting DNA souls and defeating bosses. The number of parts that you have available to you is dependant on how many souls you've collected total. You can then use the DNA souls to purchase these parts.

    Common Parts

    Hyper Dash - Makes your character dash quicker.
    Super Recover - Your character gains more energy from life refill capsules.
    Energy Saver - Reduces energy usage from weapons by one half.
    Barrier Extender - Your character's invincibility time after being hit is doubled.
    Extreme Mode - I haven't gotten this one yet, but I hear that it enables Extreme Mode if you don't have it already.
    Boss Attack Mode - Again, I haven't gotten this one either, but I hear that this one enables the secret Boss Attack Mode that you get from finishing Extreme Mode.

    X's Parts

    Damage +1 - Adds a +1 to your X-Buster. It may not sound like much, but it's REALLY helpful.
    Damage +2 - Adds a +2 to your X-Buster. This is VERY nice to have!!
    Rapid Fire - Speeds up how fast the blast from the X-Buster travels across the screen.
    Ultimate Buster - All you shoot is charged blasts. No charge time at all (one of my favorites).
    Hyper Charge - Doubles the speed of the X-Buster's charge time.
    Armor All - Decks X out in full armor.

    Zero's Parts

    Damage +1 - Adds +1 to Zero's damage.
    Damage +2 - Adds +2 to Zero's damage.
    Ultimate Sabre - Constantly does Zero's final swing of his 3 hit combo. The only downside is that it's slow.

    *** Secrets ***

    Boss Attack Mode

         There is a secret mode that you can attain from completing Xtreme Mode. It is called Boss Attack Mode. In this mode you are going for time. You have to defeat 8 boss Mavericks as fast as you can. The cool part is you can fight bosses from Mega Man Xtreme2 AND Mega Man Xtreme1!! You also have both X and Zero at your disposal with all of the weapons, all of the power-up parts, and all eight hearts on each character. The only bad thing is that you have no extra lives, and you get no armor enhancements to help you out. It's really easy to complete if you give X the +1, +1, Barrier Extender, and Ultimate Blaster parts.

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