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Armor Parts

Below are the locations of the 4 X armor parts, and the 4 Zero Armor parts. I have supplied pictures so that you know what you're looking for.

X Armor Enhancements

You'll see the Helmet capsule plain as day when you play the Neon Tiger stage. To access it, use the Flame Wave weapon to destroy the little section of tree at the bottom.
In the Launch Octopus stage, destroy the Boat Maverick that's on the surface of the water about half way through the stage. When you destroy it, it creates a new opening in the floor that takes you to a hidden room. Destroy the worm-like Maverick in the room (shoot it in the head or tail) and then proceed to the left to the Armor capsule. This Armor gives you the Giga Crush, which is X's best attack.
In the Volt Catfish stage, you'll reach a section that you have to climb up a bunch of pipes in a waterfall. Continue to follow the waterfall up as high as you can. Go through the ceiling that you see in the picture and you'll enter a secret room that holds the Legs capsule.
Fairly close to the beginning of the Flame Mammoth stage, use the Leg Enhancement to Verticle-Dash up and break the blocks in the ceiling with the Helmet Enhancement. It'll lead you to a secret room that holds the X-Buster capsule.

Zero Armor Enhancments

In the Overdrive Ostrich stage, right after you've made it through all of the sand whirls and before you get to the second save point, there will be a ladder like the one in the picture. Dash-Jump hard to the left and you'll see another ladder. Grab onto it in mid-air and climp up to the Helmet capsule.
In the Blast Hornet stage after the second stage you'll come to a section of group that will break away when you destroy all of the rotating cannons and flame throwers on it. The platform has exactly 2 rotating cannons with a flame thrower between them. Instead of destroying them, jump over them and keep going over to the far right. Use the Drill Crush weapon to break the three large blocks and reveil the Armor capsule.
In the Wire Sponge stage when you come to the first elevator, instead of going up, go under the elevator and to the right. You'll find a secret room and the Legs capsule.
In the Tunnel Rino stage where you get the armored carrier, go down through one of the pit falls in the floor and then go all the way to the left. You'll find an area blocked off by 2 small blocks. Use the Lightning weapon to destroy them and get to the Z-Sabre capsule. This enhancement lets you use Zero's most powerful weapon, Zero Final.

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