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The table below gives the location of every heart piece in the game. I have provided pictures of the locations so you have an idea what you're looking for.

In the Neon Tiger stage, play until you pick up the armored carrier. Then use the carrier to break a high section of one of the trees. You'll see the heart sitting there.
In the pick throwers section of the Flame Mammoth stage, the heart lies under the walkway right ontop of the lava. Walk a few steps to your left and a fireball will break a hole in walkway. Jump down onto the lava (don't worry it doesn't hurt you very much) and pick up the heart.
In the Volt Catfish stage you'll see the heart when you're going through the series of gates. You must get the heart before the electrified water hits you. It's not hard at all if you go right for and ignore the enemies.
In the Launch Octopus stage, use the third water spout to reach the ledge where the heart sits. You will also need the Leg enhancement so that you can do a verticle dash.
Right at the beginning of the Wire Sponge stage you'll see the heart in the wall. Climb the wall and pick it up.
In the Overdrive Ostrich stage at the point where you get the second hover bike, play until you get to the 4th hole in the ground. drop down into that hole to get the heart piece. Make sure that you're hold back on the control pad so that you don't crash into the side of the hold.
Right after the first save point in the Blast Hornet stage, drop down off of the ledge to a new ledge under it. Then take the ladder down and follow the path of Spy Copters to the heart piece.
When you get the armored carrier in the Tunnel Rino stage, make sure you jump over the 2 pit falls that they try to trap you with. The heart piece is at the far right end of this area. Jump with the carrier and use its hover jets to reach the platform. Jump out of the carrier and let it drop to the floor because the carrier won't fit on the ledge.

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