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Affiliation Request Format

To request affiliation with this site, your website must be within the following:
(If there are no free spaces, please don't send me your information)

  • I must LIKE it (sorry, my site, my rules).
  • Your site has to be dedicated to the Mega Man universe.
  • You can't be slanderous towards any aspect of Mega Man (sorry, capcom's rules).
  • You must be informative (not just a picture gallery).
  • You must get about 10 to 20 hits a day
  • You must update at least once every month or two.
  • You must provide a 88x31 button for my list.
  • You must link to my site using my button.
        (See Buttons below)
  • If you are selected, PLEASE tell me if you discontinue your page!!


    I don't think this is all too much to ask. I'm a little more relaxed with my rules because I know that some people have lives outside of their websites. As for me, I'm a full time student and I have a part time job. So I don't expect anyone to update every week, but you must at least maintain it.

    Send your address and button to

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