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    *** Story ***

         Mega Man misterious wakes up one day in a familiar place. He's on the old destroyed highway that he traveled on way back in Mega Man X1. At the end of the highway he meets up with Vile. After fighting Vile, X is transported back to the Dr. Cain's lab. The computer technician, Middy, explains to X that someone has reprogrammed the main frame computer and has brought old battle data back to life. Selflessly, X allows himself to be digitally projected into the computer to fight the menace (As usual, Zero stays behind to "Fight the mavericks").

    *** Bosses ***

         Since you end up playing the game 3 times before you finally finish it, there are many different ways to handle the enemies. I use the order below just based on what I know about Mega Man X and X2. There are only characters from X1 and X2 in this game. The order of bosses by weapon weakness:

       1. Storm Eagle
       2. Flame Stag
       3. Chill Penguin
       4. Spark Mandrill
       5. Armored Armadillo
       6. Morph Moth
       7. Magna Centipede
       8. Wheel Gator


    Zain is pretty easy to beat. You first battle him in the Flame Stag stage. The room he is in is after you race the lava to the top in the next cave you enter. If you climb to the top-left of that area you'll find the door to the room. When fighting him, Make sure you have your X-buster charged. He'll jump into the air and slash down on you. If you Dash under him when he's in the air, you can then turn around and blast him with a charged shot. All you have to do is keep doing this and he's history. You will fight him again in the Sigma Stages too, but there's a slide change in his pattern. Every third jump he makes, when he lands he performs a spinning attack. He also does this the first time you fight him, but in this battle he starts to move towards you while spinning. Just a hold of a wall when he does this.


    Geemel's not too bad, but his second battle can be a pain. Use the speed burner to take off some serious damage. Jump over his blades when he throws them and shoot the Speed Burner when you land. If he dissappears keep moving so he doesn't re-appear on top of you! Just keep doing this to beat him. On his second battle he gets into a little hover craft machine and fires his blades from there when his life gets low. This part can be a pain, but just try to stay on the opposite side of the screen and hit him as many times as you can with the Speed Burner.


    This boss is the exact same as the one from X1. Use the Electric Spark weapon on him when he has the Beam Sabre, and then use the Rolling Sheild on his wolf form. Just keep an eye on his pattern and you'll have no problem.

    *** Weapons & Their Effects ***

         These are the weapons you recieve from the enemies. I included the name of each weapon and what enemy each effects.

    BossWeapon recievedBoss effected by that weapon
    Storm EagleStorm TornadoFlame Stag
    Flame StagSpeed BurnerChill Penguin
    Chill PenguinShotgun IceSpark Madrill
    Spark MandrillElectric SparkArmored Armadillo
    Armored ArmadilloRolling ShieldMorph Moth
    Morph MothSilk ShotMagna Centipede
    Magna CentipedeMagnet MineWheel Gator
    Wheel GatorSpin WheelStorm Eagle

    X's Weapons

    Storm Tornade - Fires a horizontal whirl wind. Verticle whirl wind when charged

    Speed Burner - Fires a flame ball. Allows you to Dash in mid air when charged.

    Shotgun Ice - Shoots frozen projectiles. Fires an ice missle when charged.

    Electric Spark - Fires sparks across the screen. Shoots an electric wall when charged.

    Rolling Shield - Fires a blue ball across the screen. When charged it creates a shield around Mega Man.

    Silk Shot - Shoots balls of garbage or rock. When charged it shoots really big balls of garbage or rock.

    Magnet Mine - Shoots little magnet bombs that can be directed up or down with the control pad. Fires a big mine when charged

    Spin Wheel - Fires a little spiked wheel that travels across the screen. Shoots blades in all directions when charged.

    *** Armor And Zero Parts***

    There are the basic four armor parts in this game, but also four Zero scatter parts. Check the page below to find them.

    Armor And Zero Part Locations

    *** Heart Pieces ***

    Click on the link below to get every heart piece location

    Heart Pieces

    *** Sub Tanks ***

    Four sub tanks in this game. Click below to learn their locations

    Sub Tanks

    *** Secrets ***

    Hyduken & Shoruken

         You can get both the Hyduken from X1 AND the Shoruken from X2 in Xtreme. The nice thing is that you only have to find one secret capsule to get both moves!! You find this capsule in the second Sigma stage of the game. This level is almost exactly like the Sigma stage from Mega Man X2. When you come to the section of the level where you see a ladder in the ceiling and a wall of spikes to your right, charge up the Rolling Shield and use it to protect your self from the spikes. Climb the wall of spikes up to the ladder. Make your way through the area above using the shield to protect you from spikes... You will then reach a long shaft going down. Hang on the left wall and slide down. You will fall into one of the walls and the capsule will be in there. Only one catch: you must have all of the enhancements and all of the Hearts and Sub Tanks.

    To use the Hyduken just charge up a shot, hold down and release the charge. To use the Shoruken charge up, hold up and release the charge. That easy to do!!

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