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Sub Sub Tanks Sub

The table below gives the location of all four Sub Tanks in the game. I have provided pictures of the locations so you have an idea what you're looking for.

In the Storm Eagle stage, jump hard to the left from the top of the green lifts at the beginning. You will land on top of the building where the Sub Tank sits.
In the first area of the Spark Madrill stage, make your way down the right hand ladders to the blocked off wall. Use the Leg enhancements to kick through the wall blocks and get the Sub Tank.
In the Armored Armadillo stage, wait for the first digging bot to move out, and then get behind him in the cave he came out of. You'll find the Sub Tank sitting there.
In the Magna Centipede stage, right after you get passed the giant moving blocks, use the speed burner to get up the shaft in the ceiling. The Sub Tank is up there.

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