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Armor Parts

The table below gives the location of all four Armor Parts and all four Zero Scatter parts in the game. I have provided pictures of the locations so you have an idea what you're looking for.

Armor Enhancements

The Helmet is in the Storm Eagle stage. A little over half way through, you'll find a high metal wall. Fall down the right side of that wall and Dash-Jump hard to the right. Blow up the flamable containers in the wall, and proceed to the capsule.
The Body attachment is in the Flame Stag stage after you race the lava to the top. Go into the next cave section and Dash-Jump from the high left-hand ledge to the capsule suspended in the middle of the cave.
You HAVE to pick up the Leg enhancement in the Chill Penguin stage to finish the stage. It's in plain view.
The X-Buster is in at the end of the Spark Mandrill stage in the last dark room. You'll see blocks in the ceiling that you can break with the Helmet enhancement. Break them and proceed up to the capsule.

Zero Scatter Parts

The Zero Scatter part, Dash, is located at the end of the Armored Armadillo stage. Jump off of the mine car while in mid air at the end of the stage to grab the right hand wall. Then climb the wall to the cave where the capsule is.
Use the Spin Wheel to break through the ground at the beginning of the Morph Moth stage. Follow the passage down to recieve Zero Scatter part, Earth Gaizer.
The Zero Scatter part, Final, is in the Magna Centipede stage where the falling blocks are. In the ceiling of that room are breakable blocks. Break on through and get the capsule.
The Zero Scatter part, Rising, is in the Wheel Gator stage. Close to the beginning in the ceiling you will see the capsule in a small room above.

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