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    *** Story ***

         Sigma is back, Zero is gone, and X is left all by himself to fight off the Mavericks. Not long after X starts his battle against Sigma's associates, he finds out that Zero's parts are still intact and that Zero's memory chip is still in the computers with Dr. Cain. Zero's parts are divided up into three parts. Each part is held by a group of special Mavericks called "X Hunters". Violen, Surges, and Agile challenge X to defeat them and retrieve his buddy's parts.

    *** Bosses ***


    Much Like Mega Man X, there is more than one way to fight through the bosses of the game. I prefer the weapon weakness method because you get to see certain enemies die differently when you kill them with their weakness.

    The order of bosses by weapon weakness:

       1. Overdrive Ostrich
       2. Wire Sponge
       3. Wheel Gator
       4. Bubble Crab
       5. Flame Stag
       6. Morph Moth
       7. Magna Centipede
       8. Crystal Snail

         This is a different method through the bosses that I recomend for inexperianced Mega Man X players. Overdrive Ostrich is a little hard so early in the game unless you know his attacks very well and are really quick with the controls. I recomend that you fight Wire Sponge, Wheel Gator, and Bubble Crab first so that you have a few Heart Pieces and Sub Tanks to fight Ostrich with.

    Recomended order of bosses method:

       1. Wire Sponge
       2. Wheel Gator
       3. Bubble Crab
       4. Overdrive Ostrich
       5. Flame Stag
       6. Morph Moth
       7. Magna Centipede
       8. Crystal Snail


Sigma takes on 2 forms. First he thinks he's Wolverine. He comes at you with claws and a mad case of lightning. Use your charged up X-Buster on him. He's pretty easy to dodge. The worst part is when he dashes at you and slashes with his claws. Let's the walls be your best friend. After you destroy that version, Sigma turns into a wire frame head. Use the Strike Chain, and use it hard! Just blast him as much as you can and you'll "eighty-six" him in no time. This fight can be made easier with fluent use of the Shoryuken weapon.

    *** Weapons & Their Effects ***

         These are the weapons you recieve from the enemies. I included the name of each weapon and what enemy each effects.

    Weapon recieved
    Boss effected by that weapon
    Overdrive Ostrich
    Sonic Slicer
    Wire Sponge
    Wire Sponge
    Strike Chain
    Wheel Gator
    Wheel Gator
    Spin Wheel
    Bubble Crab
    Bubble Crab
    Bubble Splasher
    Flame Stag
    Flame Stag
    Speed Burner
    Morph Moth
    Morph Moth
    Silk Shot
    Magna Centipede
    Magna Centipede
    Magnet Mine
    Crystal Snail
    Cyrstal Snail
    Crystal Hunter
    Overdrive Ostrich

    Sonic Slicer - Shoots 2 cutting blades across the screen. When it is charged it causes a rain of cutting blades.

    Strike Chain - Shoots a grapling hook from X's blaster. It can be used to attack enemies and to grab onto walls just out of reach. When charged the chain gets bigger and longer.

    Spin Wheel - Launches a saw blade that crawls along the ground and runs into enemies. It fires blades in all directions when charged.

    Bubble Splasher - Fires a short range bubble attack. Becomes an offensive shield when charged.

    Speed Burner - Shoots a ball of fire. When charged Mega Man gets a firey boost to your air dash.

    Silk Shot - The silk shot fires garbage and rock at close by enemies. Pulls together all nearby raw materials for a large shot when charged.

    Magnet Mine - Fires a mine that can be controlled by pushing up and down on the control pad. When charged the movement of the mine becomes slower and the size becomes larger.

    Crystal Hunter - launches a ball of liquid that instantly incases it's victum in a crytal. When charged, the Crystal Hunter slows everyone and everything down.

    X *** Armor Parts *** X

    Click on the link below to learn the locations of all the armor parts.

    Armor Part Locations

    *** Heart Pieces ***

    Click on the link below to get every heart piece location

    Heart Pieces

    *** Sub Tanks ***

    Click on the link below to get every sub tank location

    Sub Tanks

    *** The X Hunters ***

    Click on the link below to get a description of each X Hunter and how to defeat them.

    X Hunters

    *** Secrets ***

    The instructions below tell how to get the Ken and Ryu's Dragon Punch from Street Fighter II. With this Mega Man can do a flaming uppercut that kills any enemy in almost in one shot. Just like in Mega Man X you need to have full life to use this little beauty... sorry I know it's a pain.


         In the third Sigma stage play until you reach a point where there is a ladder above you, a ladder below you and spikes to your right. Use the Crystal Hunter to freeze one of the bats to the left. Use the bat as a stepping stone to get to the ladder above. Continue using the Crystal Hunter to negotiate the spikes until you reach this area:

         Stand at the edge of the spikes and charge the Speed Burner. Jump strait up and release the Y button. X will rocket across the screen and just barely fall short of the spikes to the right. Then when X falls, time it so you can Air Dash back to the left and to safety. Slide down the left hand wall until you fall into it. Inside is the capsule for the Dragon Punch.

    You mush have all of the Heart Pieces, Sub Tanks, Armor Parts, and Full Life for the capsule to appear.

    You perform the Dragon Punch the same way you would with Ken or Ryu from street Fighter:

    Forward, Forward/Down, Down, Forward/Down, Forward, y

    Remember you can only perform the Dragon Punch with FULL LIFE!!

    Refill Stations

         There are certain stages that have Life and Weapon refill stations. This means that if you charge the Silk Shot weapon in these places, Energy capsules will be drawn to you!!

    Life Refills

         At the top of the first Hover-Bike ramp in the Overdrive Ostrich stage, go left into the little room. Charge your Silk Shot.

         Right after the big horizontal door opens in the Bubble Crab stage, go left through the wall and into the little room. Charge your Silk Shot.

    Energy Refills

         Towards the end of the Crystal Snail stage (where the big crystal block slides toward you) go up the ladder into the little room. Charge your Silk Shot.

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