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heart Heart Pieces heart

The table below gives the location of every heart piece in the game. I provided pictures of the locations so you have an idea of what you're looking for.

HeartIn the Overdrive Ostrich stage you need to ride the Hover-Bike all the way to the end of the course and use it to hover across the spikes and pick up the Heart Piece.
HeartThe Heart Piece in the Wire Sponge stage is right at the starting point hidden in the left hand wall close to the ceiling.
HeartYou need the Speed Burner and the X-Buster enhancement to get the Heart Piece in the Wheel Gator stage. The heart is protected by a wall of spikes right after you get out of the Armored Carrier. Stand on the nearest platform to the right and charge the Speed Burner. Dash-Jump towards the Heart as high and as far as you can... then release the Y button. This should get you just enough of a push to let you kick off of the little edge that the heart is sitting on. This is a tough one.
HeartIn the Bubble Crab stage you need to climb up the right hand wall right before the horizontal door. at the top of the wall, Dash-Jump off the wall and Hard to the left. You should be able to grab the verticle moving platform and climb up to get the Heart.
HeartThe Heart Piece in the Flame Stag stage is during your race against the rising magma. Charge up your X-Buster on your way up the volcano and shoot out the mechanical wall that forms you keep you from the Heart. Then simply take it.
HeartYou need the Crystal Hunter weapon to get the Heart in the Morph Moth stage. The Heart is at the beginning above the entrance to the magnetic trash compactor area. Freeze the Maverick with the shield with the Crystal Hunter. Then use him to jump up to the right and get the Heart.
HeartIn the Magna Centipede stage you need the X-Buster enhancement and the Speed Burner to get the Heart Piece. Right after the first group of alarm lights there will be an opening in the ceiling (This is before the giant moving blocks). Provided that you didn't set off the alarms there will be one of the alarm guns on the ceiling. Charge the Speed Burner and us the firey dash to shoot yourself over and use the alarm gun to make your way up the shaft and to the Heart Piece.
HeartThe Heart Piece in the Crystal Snail stage is a real pain to get. When you first start the level you go down a slippery ramp that drops you on an Armored Carrier. Use the Armored Carrier to go back up the ramp and drop down the pit in it. There will be a small landing to the left of the pit. Now here's the tricky part... Get your Strike Chain equipped...You have to Dash-Jump with the Carrier and hold in the B button to fly as far as you can. Just before your carrier falls into the pit, jump out of the carrier and keep holding left. You will fall just close enough to use the Strike Chain and pull yourself to the wall. There the heart will be waiting. This one will tick you off many times before you get it!

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