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The Mega Man X Zone Award

Want to win my award?? Check out the instructions below for submitting a web site.

To win my award, You site must:

  • Be a Mega Man devoted site.
  • Be complete. No broken links within your own pages.
  • Be imformative. It should have useful information about Mega Man related material, and not just pictures.
  • Easy to navigate, everything should be clear and easy to follow.
  • Free of Java Scripting errors. The infamous Geocities error will be excused.
  • Have complete pages. No "under contruction" pages. I can't rate what isn't there.
  • Not over use pictures on pages. Affiliate lists are ok. I understand some people have a lot of affiliates.
  • Have a "Skip Intro" option if you choose to use a flash movie on your page.
  • Be creative.

    If you follow all of the guide lines above, then I should have no problem handing over this award, customized to your site:

    Sites that have my award:

    Zero Forever
    Mega Man Web

    My Award
    Awards Won
    Mega ManX1
    Mega ManX2
    Mega ManX3
    Mega ManX4
    Mega ManX5
    Mega ManX6
    Mega Man Xtreme
    Mega Man Xtreme2
    Flash Movie