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Mega Man X Zone Music

Below I have Midi archives for MMX 1,2,3, and 4 (They are compressed so you'll need WinZip ). After that I have some other music files from different MMX games. And then after that, I have music files from the orginal Mega Man series. They are in different file types (MP3, MOD, XM, S3M), but WinAmp plays all of them. However, one file under the the MMX section is Real Media (RM). You'll need Real Player to play that one.

On a side note: Bubble Man's theme, the heavy version, is the best on here!! In second would be the RM version of Armored Armadillo.

MMX MIDI Archives

MMX Songs

Zero Attacking (MMX)
Zero Talking (MMX)
Zero Attacking (MMX3)
MMX Ending
Storm Eagle
Storm Eagle 2
Armored Armadillo (Real Player)
MMX4 Sky Lagoon
MMX4 Jet Stingray
Armored Armadillo (MP3)

MM Orginal Series

Bubble Man
Bubble Man 2
Bubble Man, HEAVY!!
Crash Man
Crash Man, Bassy
Flash Man, interesting
Flash Man
Flash Man 2
Air Man
Air Man 2
Gemini Man, Good Version
Gemini Man, from game
Knight Man, awsome!
Magnet Man
Metal Man
Metal Man 2
Bomb Man, from game
Needle Man
Quick Man, weird
Quick Man, better
Hard Man
Hard Man 2
Heat Man, good
Ice Man, awsome!
Shadow Man, good
Snake Man, good
Snake Man, slow
Spark Man, alright
Top Man
Break Man Whistle Song
Wood Man, crappy
MM2, title screen
MM2, title screen 2
MM2, ending
MM2, Wily Stages
MM2, Wily Stages again
MM3 title screen

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