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Established March 16th, 2001

Mega Man X Action Figures!!

Many of you have already seen these action figures, but for those of you who haven't... check it out. I've ordered Mega Man X imported action figures from this site many times. They have a really nice selection and the prices are really reasonable for imported figures. Drop by and check them out... you won't regret it.

Rene's Action Figures, Toys & Collectibles

*** News and Updates ***

Jan 15, 2002 -

     Got a Butt-Load of new flash movies up... My bud DragoonFenix15 made these utterly AWSOME heatman episodes that you're gonna bust a rib laughing at. If you've seen the Planet of the Apes episode of the Simpsons, you'll really be able to appriciate it... check it out... The Flash Movies

Jan 5, 2002 -

     Well it's the new year and I've now posted the MMX6 sprites on the sprites page... For the time being I'm gonna clean up some typos on my pages and specify sizes of pics in my HTML so they load faster. I'm also junking that flash movie, so if anyone has a MMX flash movie or knows of one that is really good, let me know and I'll see if I can post it. Also, now this is just a rumor, I might think about a new layout. That's all for now... TTYL.

Dec 29, 2001 -

     The X6 Section is UP!!!! I'm just about done with it's sprite sections too so stay tuned.

Dec 22, 2001 -

     Guess who finally wrote Sigma strategies!! LOL, well I now have X6 in my possesion now and I must say.... AWSOME GAME, but very fricken hard. I've finished it, but I'm gonna take the next 3 days to become a master at it, and then I'll start working on the X6 section on Wednesday of this week. That's all.

Dec 18, 2001 -

     Major updates!!! My Mega Man Xtreme2 section is up and operational. I even have new sprites up for it in the sprites section. Don't email me asking me about MMX6 because I don't have it yet. I'm kinda short on cash, and they cut my hours at work, so it looks like I'm not gonna be able to get it until after christmas. So just sit tight, and I'll have it up when I finally get the game. Also, be sure to check out Mega Man X Arena, they have exclusive news on a new game called Rockman Zero. All I can say is X + Zero = strange-and-wonderful-things. Andy out...

Nov 27, 2001 -

     Not a lot going on right now. I fixed a few affiliates in the menu, and I added a winner to the Sweet Site Award. Check out my Awards Page for the site URL. I'm working on getting together a section for MM Xtrme2. I have the game and all I need to do is get time to play it. Should be up in a millenium or 2.

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